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Top 5 Sunny holiday with kids in winter

Oh no… the holidays are almost over. Monday the schools start again: back to reality! When reality kicks in, best way for me to handle it is, to book another holiday! ;). I absolutely loooooove the sun, as the Dutch winters don’t tent to be very sunny, I want to book a sunny holiday with kids for coming winter. But where to go? Especially for you, and ok also a little for myself:

Top 5 sunny destinations for a holiday with kids in  winter


  1. Canary Islands

Always good! The temperatures on the Canary Islands are above the 20 degrees celsius year round. This group of islands contains 7 islands in total. They arose from a volcanic eruption 18 million years ago. La Palma, El Hierro, Lanzarote and Tenerife are still volcanically active. Biggest advantage to me, for visiting the Canary Island, is they are very close to the Netherlands. It’s only a 4,5 hour flight, which even kids (or adults) who hate flying will survive. (For tips on flying with kids check out this blog). The time difference is small, no jet lag for you or the kids! Add the fact you don’t need any travel vaccinations and ask yourself the question why you haven’t booked yet ;). For us the Canary Islands are a perfect destination for a holiday with kids.

  1. Cape Verde

A rapidly growing destination for sun and sea holidays. Cape Verde consits of 9 island, located before the coast of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. With temperatures never lower than 25 degrees celsius, it’s an excellent destination for sun lovers. Flying to Cape Verde will take you a little longer, compared to flying to the Canary Islands, about 7 hours. The time difference is 2-3 hours. But flying a little further does give you beautiful beaches and a stunning blue sea!

  1. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are located in Asia, close to Oman and Saudi Arabia. There are 7 emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaywayn, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. For tourism Dubai is most popular, you see lots of cheap offers for holidays here online as well. The weather in the UAE is quit unilateral: warm (winters) to very warm (spring and autumn) and extremely hot (in summer), hardly any rain, humid and lots and lots of sun. Even the sea is above 30 degrees celsius in summer. Therefore I wouldnt highly recommend the UAE in summer, in winter though, it’s an excellent destination for  a sunny holiday with kids. It’s a little closer to the Netherlands, compared to Cape Verde, flying time app 6:30u. Dubai is very well known for the luxurious hotels and resorts with all the facilities for an excellent holiday with kids. For the foodies Dubai has to offer a lot as well, check out where to dine in Dubai. Luckily there are plenty family friendly hotels in Dubai as well. Health services recommend some vaccinations for the VAE, don’t forget to consult them in time.

  1. Florida

A destination that has to be on this list: Florida! As a big USA fan, I can tell you there are parts of the USA (Florida for example) that are perfect for a sunny holiday with kids in winter. Florida is excellent for (older kids) as you can find lots of theme parks here: Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and so on. But there is more, Florida also has white beaches, swaying palm trees, vibrating cities and beautiful nature. From Europe you will be flying app 9 – 10 hours, the time difference is a little bigger 4-6 hours. If you want to know more about Florida with kids, check out this blog, with the Top 5 highlights for a holiday in Florida with kids.

  1. Curacao

Fly for 11,5 hours, deboard the plain, speak Dutch and realize everyone understands you.. That’s only possible on Curacao! Together with the smaller island of Little Curacao, Curacao is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Besides speaking Dutch you can also do your groceries in the famous Dutch grocery store “Albert Heijn”. Biggest difference is the temperature: in the Netherlands it’s on average 5 degrees celsius in January, on Curacao about 30.. The stunning beaches, great diversity in accommodations, and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect destination for a sunny holiday with kids in winter.

I will go back to dreaming about our next holiday destination… As we want to go for a week only, we don’t want the kids (or us) to have a jetlag. I guess we will be heading to Cape Verde or the Canary Islands. Do you have awesome tips for a sunny holiday with kids in winter? Let me know, I am still looking for inspiration :).

Kids Love Travel: holiday with kids

Cape Verde: palmtrees

Kids Love Travel: holiday with kids

Cape Verde

Kids Love Travel: holiday with kids

Swamp boat floats into the Everglades National Park Florida USA

Kids Love Travel: holiday with kids

Minnie Mouse Disney World Florida

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