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Top 5 Unique Hotels for Family Travel

Traveling the world with your children can be an exciting adventure, especially when you find the perfect places to stay. Whether it’s a hotel with a pool, spacious family rooms, proximity to the beach, a location in a national park, or a city hotel with a relaxed vibe, finding these gems can be challenging. That’s why we’ve asked the moms of Riksjakids to share their top 5 unique hotels for family travel.

1. Safari Lodge, South Africa

Just a few hours drive from Cape Town, this lodge offers a unique experience with a heated pool, a rarity in South Africa. Special game drives for children are shorter and include educational information presented in a kid-friendly way. The restaurant offers a special kids menu and opens early for a relaxed dinner with the family. Plus, there are plenty of toys for your kids to play with.

2. American Ranch, Southwest America

Our second pick is a throwback to the old west. After a dusty drive, you’ll be greeted by wooden fencing and trotting horses. This ranch offers a unique experience for kids, allowing them to feed the animals, brush the horses, learn how to throw a lasso, and ride horses. In the evening, you can share stories under the stars at the bonfire. Your kids will never want to take off their cowboy hats!

3. Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in nature at this remote lodge, accessible only by boat. Nestled in the heart of the jungle, it’s an ideal spot for observing local wildlife. The lodge features rooms with netted windows, offering an authentic jungle experience. Wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys, explore the jungle during the day, relax by the pool, or embark on guided night walks. You might even witness turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

4. 1001 Nights in Morocco

Experience the magic of Morocco at this enchanting riad. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with fresh mint tea and homemade cookies. The spacious covered courtyard is perfect for children to play, while you unwind with a cup of tea. The family rooms are so large, they’re perfect for a game of hide and seek. Located in the heart of Morocco’s largest medina, with over 9,000 streets, this riad is a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. Don’t miss the delicious pastilla!

5. Tropical Beach Hotel in Mexico

Relax at this beachfront hotel, boasting stunning views of white sands and turquoise waters. From your beach chair, you can spot turtles swimming in the sea. The child-friendly beaches are gently sloping with minimal current. Rent snorkeling gear and get a closer look at the beautiful turtles. Picture your children playing in the sand while you enjoy a cocktail in the sun. Ready to pack your bags?

These unique, family-friendly accommodations are sure to inspire your next travel adventure. Which one is your favorite?

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