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Top 5 Special hotels when travelling with kids

Travelling the world with your children can be so much fun! Especially when you have found the right places to spend the night: a hotel with a pool, family rooms which are big enough to accommodate a baby cot, close to the beach, in the middle of a national park, or that special city hotel with an amazing relaxed vibe. These spots can be hard to find. That’s why we asked the moms of Riksjakids to share their Top 5 Special hotels with us.

#1 Safarilodge South-Africa

This lodge is only a couple of hours away by car from Cape Town. Why do we find this an unique spot? They have a heated pool! These are very hard to find in South Africa. There are special game drives for the little kids, shorter and with educational info in a very kid friendly way. The restaurant has a special kids menu, opening earlier to make sure you can have a relaxed early dinner with the kids. If that’s not enough there are also lots of toys for your kids to play with.

#2 American ranch in South West America

Number 2 on the list of special hotels when travelling with kids is kind of old fashioned, in a good way ;). A dusty drive, wooden fencing and trotting horses: welcome to the wild west! Why is this ranch so much fun for you and the kids? For a bunch of reasons: they kids are allowed to feed the animals and brush the horses. They can learn how to throw lasso and ride horses. In the evening you can share stories under the stars at the bonfire. The kids will never take their cowboy head off again….

#3 Junglelodge Costa Rica

You can only reach this remote lodge by boat. Its located in the middle of the jungle, the perfect place to spot local wildlife. Your “room” doesn’t have glass windows, but windows made of netting. You don’t need to set an alarm, the howlers will wake you up in the morning. During the day you can explore the jungle or relax at the pool, at night you can discover the jungle during guided walks or look for turtles who lay their eggs on the beach.

#4 1001 night in Morocco

Upon arrival in the riad you will find fresh mint tea accompanied by homemade cookies. The covered courtyard is big enough for the kids to run and play. You can take a seat and enjoy your fresh tea. The family rooms are so big you can play hide and seek in them. Where can you find this amazing place? In the middle of Morocco’s biggest medina, with over 9.000 streets. After a day exploring the city you will love the amazing pastilla in the tranquility of the riad.

# 5 Tropical beach hotel Mexico

This beach hotel is located on the beach with a magnificent view of the white sand and a turquoise sea. You can see the turtles from your beach chair. The beaches are very child friendly, gently sloping and only a little current. You can rent snorkeling gear at the beach to have a closer look at the beautiful turtles. Imagine your kids playing in the white sand, while you enjoy a cocktail in the sun, do you already want to go?

I get so much travel inspiration after reading about these beautiful and child friendly hotels! What’s your favorite in this special hotels Top 5?

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Kids Love Travel: special hotels when travelling with kids

Game lodge South Africa

Kids Love Travel: special hotels when travelling with kids

Gamelodge USA

Kids Love Travel: special hotels when travelling with kids

Riad Fez

Kids Love Travel: special hotels when travelling with kids

Jungle Lodge Costa Rica

Kids Love Travel: special hotels when travelling with kids

Beach hotel Mexico

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