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Top 5 Sightseeing in South Africa with kids, fun for everyone?

Every year you face the challenge of finding a fun holiday destination for everyone in the family. Where one may enjoy the setting sun with a cocktail in hand, the other may prefer sport activities and WIFI. If however, you’ve finally decided to go wild life spotting, the question immediately arises where to go: The Beekse Bergen or South Africa? Luckily there is loads of sightseeing to do in South Africa with kids.

The travel experts of Zuid-AfrikaKids have selected five tourist attraction highlights. That way you can combine action and adventure with relaxation. There’s a big chance this is the only thing your family will want to be doing from now on.

TOP 5 Sightseeing in South Africa with kids 


# 1 Kids safari at its best

And when you’ve decided to go on a family trip to South Africa, a safari is surely a must do. A safari can be taken in different ways. You can dive to the side of the road and wait quietly until the wild animals have passed by or you go out at night in search of animals. Would you rather go animal spotting on your own pace? Grab your own car and drive through Kruger Park: the ultimate place to spot the big 5. Going on a safari? Make sure you pack the right things for your safari!

# 2 Whale ahoy!

Hermanus is very popular as holiday destination so there are loads of fun beach cottages right at the beach. Hermanus is also very popular on a trip through South Africabecause of the whale spotting. You can see them jump out of the water from the main land or watch them spout water. If you want to see them up close, get into a boat with your kids and go out to sea. Whales, dolphins, sharks, sea lions and with a little luck even penguins. The Dolfinarium can’t compare! 

# 3 Stomping through grape valley

The most well-known wine area of South Africa, Stellenbosch, must certainly not be excluded on your travels. Because (a lot) of wine tasting is inevitable its probably best to go from winery to winery by bicycle. You get to know all the tricks of the trade and get to taste the famous wines. So what about the children? At winery Spier there is a center for birds of prey and at winery Vredenheim they even have zebra’s, gazelle and antelope. So it’s a win-win!

# 4 Swish swish Drakensberg

The Drakensberg: Green mountains with capricious peaks, slopes of grassland and wild crowding rivers. The coolest way of getting to know the area? Zip-lining through the tree tops. This can be rather frightful at times so don’t forget to enjoy the view or to spot some wildlife along the way. The guide has done this many times before so he will help you in your harness and tell you what to do. You will still be feeling the adrenaline rush at the end of the day.

# 5 Saddle up, into Swaziland

South Africa is safari. Often enjoyed from your own car or jeep, but in Swaziland you and your kids can spot wildlife from a horse. Helmet on and off you go, into the saddle. On paths of red sand, through grasslands and small creeks, that’s your route. You’ll see impala’s along the way as well as boars and zebra’s. In the creeks and alongside the lakes you will see hippos and crocodiles lounging in the sun. So what about saddle ache? That’ll be over as soon as you lay by the pool again.

Are your kids a little older and are you into some adventure? Try backpacking Africa overland from South Africa to Tanzania!


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Kids Love Travel: Sightseeing in South Africa with kids  Kids Love Travel: Sightseeing in South Africa with kids  Kids Love Travel: Sightseeing in South Africa with kids

This article  ” Top 5 Sightseeing in South Africa with kids, fun for everyone? ” is written by the travelling mothers of Riksjakids

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