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Top 5 Holiday Destinations with Kids

What is your favorite holiday destination? Here you can find Kids Love Travel’s top 5 holiday destinations with kids:

1. United States

The ultimate kids friendly destination! We love the camper road trips. It’s so convenient to have your “house” with you at all times when travelling with kids. Does the baby need a bottle? Just park the RV, warm the bottle in the microwave and off you go again. If your kids are older they can even read, play on the iPad, or color during the trip as they are seated at the table (always in a car seat of course). Absolute winner for the parents: when you arrive at one of the National Park campgrounds in the evening, put the kids to bed and fire up the BBQ while enjoying the overwhelming starry sky.

2. Thailand

The Thai absolutely love kids. Everywhere you come the kids will be cuddled and spoiled. Thailand has many attractions for the kids to enjoy; Lumpini Park in Bangkok with lots of playgrounds, Sea Life, zoos and of course the stunning beaches. Our kids were very much impressed by all the buddhas, temples and loved the bike ride we made. Luckily the supermarkets have everything you need for young kids. We have been in a Thai hospital twice, both experiences were very good. If you go to an International Hospital you will be astonished by the service level of quality of the healthcare.

3. Australia

From Europe, it takes a 24hr flight, but you are going to visit Ozzie!! We absolutely love Australia for its more than friendly inhabitants, stunning beaches, lovely climate, big attractions, major natural diversity and many things more. Little kids can enjoy a kangaroo encounter, older kids will be excited by the stories of Uluru, dad will feel like a real tough man again when he is driving his 4WD over Fraser Island beaches and mum will be very happy exploring the Sydney shops and malls. As Australia is a 24hr flight from Europe I recommend a minimum 4 weeks stay if you have the opportunity. It takes some time to get used to the completely new time zone. Especially for kids, it can take up to a week. Therefore, a slow start of your holiday is recommended.

4. South Africa

Nothing can beat meeting all your “Madagascar” film friends for real. South – Africa is very suitable for self-driving trips with a car or RV. You can literally do everything in SA: explore stunning beaches, drive through National Parks for a big five encounter, dive with white sharks, play golf with a stunning sea view, go horseback riding, do some wine tasting near Cape Town, enjoy the beautiful beaches or enjoy a really good piece of meat in Johannesburg. For some regions, you will need malaria meds, as these meds aren’t suitable for very young kids, make sure to check with your family doctor.

5. Relaxing in Curacao

Enjoy the blue sea and white sandy beaches with an Amstel Bright in your hand, welcome to Curacao! If you want to visit a tropical island and be sure of lots and lots of sun, Curacao is the right destination for you! The beautiful, safe beaches, wide range of different water sports activities, the Boca’s and Christofel Parc make Curacao absolutely enjoyable with kids!

Your Favorite Holiday Destinations with Kids

This is the top 5 holiday destinations with kids of Kids Love Travel, what is your favorite holiday destination with kids?


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