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Top 5 fun things to do in the Ardennes with kids!

Last year, our new years resolution was to travel every 4-6 weeks. From long distance to close by, as long as we were away. We enjoyed this so much, we decided to do this again this year. A long time ago, I used to visit the Belgian Ardennes with my parents a lot. How fun would it be to visit it again with my own kids? But is it still fun going to the Ardennes? You can guess the answer. For our trip to the Ardennes I did some research and these “5 things to do” are on our list, that’s for sure!

Ardennes with kids

#1 Hiking through the beautiful Ardennes

Our kids still have the age where they enjoy to walk. I can imagine this is different with a lot of teenagers/adolescents though. The beautiful nature in the Ardennes is breathtaking and there are hikes to take for all ages. Ranging from long to short or intensive and easy. Be sure to check in advance which hike suits your kids best. Take a backpack with picknick stuff or a towel with swimming gear even, if the weather is good! And enjoy the beautiful scenery!

#2 Feel like a knight or a damsel in one of the Belgian castles

You can find all kinds of castles in the Ardennes, from large to small. When you step into the gigantic Middle aged structures you would think you arrived in the Middle Ages itself. A lot of castles have fun activities for the kids and some even offer a show for birds of prey! A real must do when visiting the Ardennes with kids!


Be sure to check the opening times before you go. We didn’t always do this and we were sorry.

#3 Visiting the amusement parks

Besides the wonderful nature, the Belgium Ardennes also have lots of amusement parks you can visit. The most well known is Plopsa Coo, but don’t forget about “Koningin Fabiola Pretpark” or “Mont Mosan Kinderpretpark”? Besides amusement parks you can find lots of playgrounds in the Ardennes too, indoor as well as outdoor!

4# The most fun outdoor activities are done in the Ardennes

If you like being active outdoor you can eat your heart out in the Ardennes! During wintertime you can go cross country skiing and even if there is no snow there are plenty of outdoor activities you can participate in. What do you think of mountain biking, canyoning or rafting? Of course, not all of these activities are suitable for the youngest of kids but the cool teenagers will be happy!

5# Swimming, canoeing or sunbathing

You can find a couple of beautiful lakes in the Ardennes: The Eau d’Heure, Warfaaz and Robert Ville. During summer you can cool off here or you can enjoy yourself all day in the aqua park (lakes of Eau d’Heure). But also when it’s less warm you can enjoy yourself at or on the lake. Rent a canoe and go on a nice canoe ride, sail one of the lakes on a boat or burn some calories with the water bike! Visiting one of these lakes is a certain must do when visiting the Ardennes with kids.

Where to stay in the Belgium Ardennes?

I’m going to search some more for a nice accommodation in the Ardennes. There’s enough to go around, from bungalow parks to glamping and even houses in the middle of nature. I think we’ll go for the last option and go off the grid for a week!


Are you looking for family friendly hotel options in the Ardennes? I have looked up 5 for you: 


1# Hotel La Grande Cure 

2# Hotel Aux Massotais

3# Hostellerie La Claire Fontaine 

4# Le Chateau De Rendeux

5# Chateau Beausaint


Are you more a city kind of person? Brussels is only a 1,5 hr drive away. When spending a weekend in Brussels, or even a day, you will be amazed by how much Brussels has to offer!

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