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Our Memorable Florida Vacation: A Family-Friendly Hotel Guide

My husband and I embarked on our first Florida adventure in 2014, a trip we eagerly planned to repeat. Fast forward to the beginning of 2018, we found ourselves revisiting this sunny paradise, this time with our two-year-old daughter in tow. However, our hotel requirements had evolved since our last visit. We now sought more than just a comfortable place to sleep. A pool was a must-have, as was a spacious room, preferably with a separate bedroom. Proximity to the beach was also a key factor, as we loved the idea of strolling from our room straight onto the sandy shores. And, while we wanted a family-friendly environment, we weren’t keen on hotels swarming with children. Our goal was to find family-friendly hotels in Florida that were also enjoyable for parents.

The Joy of Planning: Finding the Perfect Family-Friendly Hotels

For me, the thrill of vacation planning kicks in as soon as the plane tickets are booked. I relish scouring the internet for exciting hotels, exploring the area through Google Maps, and reading reviews. This meticulous planning ensures we enjoy a fantastic holiday, staying in top-notch hotels. To help you plan your own Florida getaway, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite accommodations in this top 5 family-friendly hotels guide.

Top 5 Family-Friendly Hotels in Florida

1. Magic Moment Resort & Kids Club – Orlando

Orlando is synonymous with amusement parks. That’s why we sought a hotel close to these attractions. While there are numerous family-friendly hotels along International Drive, we ventured a bit further to save some money and discovered the Magic Moment Resort & Kids Club. It’s just 10 minutes away, still near the amusement parks, and close to family restaurants. When you book a family room, you get two separate rooms with a connecting door.

The hotel offers a range of fun activities for all ages. Besides the pool, they have an on-site playground, an indoor kids club, and a game room. For breakfast, they serve fresh Mickey Mouse waffles, and an employee hands out Disney stickers to the kids. The joy on our daughter’s face was priceless. In the evening, you’ll find several family restaurants within walking distance. After a day full of fun and a satisfying meal, you’ll soon be dreaming of another wonderful day.

Experience the Magic at Magic Moment Resort and Kids Club

Located at 5200 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States, the Magic Moment Resort and Kids Club offers an unforgettable vacation experience for families. This resort is not just a place to stay, but a destination in itself.

Discover the Magic of Family-Friendly Resorts

Experience unforgettable moments at these top-rated family-friendly resorts. Each one offers unique features that cater to both kids and adults, ensuring a memorable vacation for all.

Magic Moments Kids Resort

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Magic Moments Kids Resort. This resort is designed with children in mind, offering a variety of fun-filled activities and facilities to keep your little ones entertained throughout your stay.

2. The Capri at Siesta – A Gem on Siesta Key Beach

Discover the pearl of Sarasota, The Capri at Siesta, nestled just steps away from the pristine white sands of Siesta Key Beach. This charming resort offers a heated pool and multiple villas, each equipped with a full kitchen. Unwind in the tranquil garden or courtyard, complete with a barbecue area.

Experience a warm welcome and enjoy an evening meal in the courtyard, where you can mingle with other guests. Start your day with a refreshing dip in the pool, often all to yourself, before heading to what is arguably Florida’s most beautiful beach. Here, you’ll find several play areas for children, perfect for climbing, crawling, swinging, and building grand sand castles. With its family-friendly amenities and stunning location, The Capri at Siesta has rightfully earned its place in our top 5 list of family-friendly hotels in Florida!

Location: 6782 Sarasea Cir, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

3. Sta ’n Pla Motel – Clearwater Beach

Just a few steps from the white sandy beach of Clearwater, you’ll find the Sta ’n Pla Motel. This motel exudes a unique retro charm and a tropical vibe. The fully equipped rooms ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Although the motel has a small pool, the nearby sea and its white sandy beach are irresistible. The motel is also a fun place for kids, with a slide for them to enjoy before dipping their toes in the sand. Along the boulevard, there are numerous restaurants, but you can also cook your own dinner at the motel.

Location: 345 S Hamden Dr, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767, United States

4. Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham – Naples

The Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham in Naples may not be the first choice for families with kids, but it offers enjoyable suites. The hotel is centrally located with facilities for all ages. From Monday to Thursday, they host a special happy hour for guests with complimentary bites and drinks. The staff works diligently to ensure everyone has a good time. The rooms are spacious and come with their own kitchen. Having dinner at the hotel can be a convenient option after a busy day. Near this hotel is a fun children’s museum, the Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples, where kids can play, learn, read books in the library, or play outside with the water table. It’s the perfect variety after a couple of beach days.

Location: 3557 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109, United States

5. Beach Rooms Inn – Hollywood Beach

Our Florida round trip concludes at Hollywood Beach. While many might opt for Miami or Fort Lauderdale, we decided to explore Hollywood Beach, having visited the former two in 2014. We chose to stay at the Beach Rooms Inn due to its proximity to the beach. The rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with all necessary amenities. The inn also features a courtyard with a barbecue, offering a perfect spot to relax in the evening while keeping an eye on the kids. The nearby boulevard is bustling with restaurants, and the beach is a hit with the kids. A truly enjoyable experience.

Location: 322 Nevada St, Hollywood, FL 33019, United States

About the Author

This guest article is penned by Nathalie, a resident of Betuwe for nearly three years. Nathalie, along with her husband and daughter, are passionate travelers. They have explored numerous countries, including Mexico, Aruba, Australia, and America. Their love for America is so profound that they’ve visited multiple times. When asked about their first overseas trip with their then 2-year-old daughter, the answer was, unsurprisingly, America – Florida, to be precise.


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