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Top 5 Family friendly hotels in Florida

My husband an I visited Florida together for the first time in 2014. This was a trip we planned on doing again some time. That time was in the beginning of 2018, this time together with our daughter of two years old. The thing that’s different about this trip compared to 2014 is that we are a bit more demanding when it comes to our list of requirements of hotels. Aside from a good place to sleep a pool is required, as is a large room with preferably a separate bedroom. We like to be close to the beach so we can walk onto the beach from our room and the area needs to be fun too of course. We’re not big fans of hotels that are overloaded with kids so we go in search of family friendly hotels in Florida where you actually like to stay as a parent too.


The fun starts for me when the plane tickets are booked. I love to search the internet for fun hotels, scout the area through Google maps and reading reviews. This way we have a lovely holiday staying in great hotels that I’ve randomly listed for you in this top 5!

Top 5 family friendly hotels in Florida

When you think of Orlando you think of amusement parks, well at least we did! For that reason we went in search of a hotel that lies close to one of these parks. Along the International Drive in Orlando there are lot’s of family friendly hotels but because we like to look a little further than the popular areas and save some money at the same time, we ended up at Magic Moment Resort & Kids Club which is just 10 minutes further away and still near the amusement parks and facilities such as family restaurants. When you ask for a family room you get two separate rooms with a door between them.


The hotel offers all kinds of fun from young to old. Aside from the pool they have a playground on their own terrain, an indoor kids club and a game room. For breakfast they make fresh Mickey Mouse waffles and an employee hands out Disney Stickers to the kids. The happy face of our daughter is just priceless. In the evening you can find several family restaurants at walking distance which is ideal! With our stomachs full we soon dream of a wonderful day.

Location: 5200 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States

This pearl in Sarasota is located at just a few paces from the white sandy beach of Siesta Key. The Capri at Siesta has a warmed pool and multiple villas with a fully equipped kitchen. You can relax in the garden or in the courtyard where they have a barbecue. We are warmly greeted, wonderful! In the evening we have dinner in the courtyard and we get to know the other guests a little this way. In the morning we take a refreshing dip in the pool where we’re the only ones and afterwards we enjoy the large white sandy beach which I think is Florida’s most beautiful beach. At the beach there are several smaller play areas offering enough fun for the kids. Climbing, crawling, swinging and building large sand castles. This hotel has definitely earned it’s spot in our top 5 list of family friendly hotels in Florida!

Located: 6782 Sarasea Cir, Sarasota, FL 34242, United States

Another great spot just a few steps from the white sandy beach, this time in Clearwater Beach. A motel with a unique retro charm and a tropical vibe. Here too you get fully equipped rooms. I love that, you have everything you need so you don’t need to think of anything. The hotel has a small pool but with the sea and its white sandy beach so near you don’t really need more. A fun place for the kids to play too so have them work the slide a bit before dipping their toes in the sand. Along the boulevard there are lots of restaurants but you can cook your own dinner just as easily at this motel of course.

Location: 345 S Hamden Dr, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767, United States

Probably not our first choice with kids but we really enjoyed the suites of this hotel in Naples. Located centrally with facilities for all ages. From Monday to Thursday they have a special happy hour for the guests with free bites and drinks. This is a small party where you can easily chat to the other guests that often stay there for several weeks on end and come back every year. The staff really works hard making sure everyone has a good time too. The rooms are spacious and have there own kitchen. Having dinner at the hotel certainly has its advantages during the holiday as far as we are concerned. You’re busy the whole day and a busy restaurant at the end of it might be just a bit too much at times. Near this hotel is a fun children’s museum: Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples. 


The kids can play and learn here but read a book in the library too or play outside with the water table. Our daughter loved the museum and so did we. The perfect variety after a couple of beach days.


Location: 3557 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109, United States

We end our round trip of Florida here. A lot of people may choose Miami or Fort Lauderdale but we went there in 2014 so we chose to visit Hollywood Beach instead. We choose Beach Rooms Inn because the accommodation is just a short walk from the beach. The rooms are decorated nicely and have everything you need again. In the courtyard you can use the barbecue and from here you can keep an eye on each of the rooms. Very handy if you wish to sit out in the evening while the kids are in bed. The boulevard is cozy with lots of restaurants and the beach is fun with kids again. Maximum enjoyment. 


Location: 322 Nevada St, Hollywood, FL 33019, United States

This guest article is written by Nathalie. Nathalie has been living in the Betuwe for almost three years now, together with her husband and daughter. They love to travel together and they have visited many countries such as Mexico, Aruba, Australia and America. They enjoyed America so much, they’ve visited multiple times. Is what for that reason, if you asked her what far trip abroad would be the first with their then 2 year old daughter, it had to be America of course! Florida to be exact.

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