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Surviving Long Flights with Kids: Top 5 Child-Friendly Apps

Are you dreading the thought of long flights or rides with your kids? Frightful images of screaming children strapped into a chair might be flashing before your eyes. But don’t worry, these child-friendly apps for holidays might offer the solution. While I can’t guarantee a smooth ride all the way, these apps should at least keep them entertained for a while.

Top 5 Child-Friendly Apps for Holidays

1. Watch the Best Kids Movies on Netflix

Our all-time favourite after the “download” update is Netflix. It has a “kids only” environment, which is quite comforting. This way, I’m sure that my kids won’t see anything they’re not supposed to. Through the download option, you’re able to download a limited selection of series and films, which is very handy for long-distance flights or rides. Please note: downloads are stored for a limited amount of time and are removed automatically.

Available without internet: Yes (just the downloads)

Free: No

2. Explore Classic Kids’ Shows with Bobbies Bioscoop

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Bobbies Bioscoop, an app that offers a collection of classic kids’ series. From the underwater adventures of the Snorkles to the farmyard antics of Boes Boes, these shows are sure to entertain your little ones. The app also features a handy download option, or as they call it, “pack your suitcase”, allowing your kids to watch their favorite shows even when there’s no internet available.

  • Available without internet: YES (just the downloads)
  • Free: NO

3. Craft Personalized Puzzles with Juff Jannie

Juff Jannie offers a range of educational apps perfect for keeping kids engaged during holidays. One standout is their puzzle app, which allows you to create puzzles of varying difficulty levels. But what sets this app apart is the option to upload your own photos and turn them into puzzles. Spend the day capturing beautiful moments with your child, then transform those photos into a unique digital puzzle for hours of fun.

  • Available without internet: YES (just the downloads)
  • Free: NO

4. Engage with Your Favorite Characters on the Disney Junior App

Disney enthusiasts Flo and Lotte instantly fell in love with this app. It offers a variety of games featuring all your favorite Disney characters. From dressing up princesses to popping balloons, there’s something for everyone. Successful completion of games rewards you with prize stickers for your digital scrapbook. This app is a surefire way to keep your kids entertained during long car or plane rides. Hence, it earns a well-deserved fourth place in our top 5 best child apps for holidays.

Available without internet: YES

Free: YES

5. Unleash Your Creativity with Peppa’s Paintbox

If your kids are fans of Peppa or enjoy painting and drawing, this app is a must-have. Upon opening the app, they can choose to paint with Peppa or George. The fun begins as soon as you make your choice. You can select a color and “paint” with your finger on the screen. Additionally, you can collect pictures, “blow” bubbles on the screen, and much more.

Available without internet: YES

Free: YES

These child-friendly apps have made many of our flights more enjoyable, both for the kids and for us. Do you have any good tips? We’re heading to the Balinese sun in a few weeks, so let us know!

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