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Experience the Magic of De Efteling: A Must-Visit Theme Park in Europe

If you’re planning a trip to Europe with your children, make sure to include a visit to De Efteling in the Netherlands. This enchanting theme park is one of the most beautiful in Europe, offering attractions for toddlers, adults, and everyone in between. Your entire visit will feel like stepping into a magical fairy tale. I guarantee you’ll love this place just as much as your kids will.

Stay Overnight for a Complete Fairy Tale Experience

The best part? You don’t have to leave when the day ends. De Efteling offers overnight stays. We spent an entire weekend at De Efteling Village Bosrijk, a stunning holiday park nestled in the heart of the woods. Upon arrival, we were greeted with little Mr Sandman hats, a delightful touch considering Mr Sandman himself resides in this holiday village. At night, he emerges to tell a bedtime story to the little ones. How magical is that!

Enjoy a Variety of Attractions for All Ages

We spent two full days exploring De Efteling, even taking time to visit the swimming pool at Bosrijk Village. It’s perfectly suitable for kids of all ages. Our children, Lotte (2) and Floris (4), had a blast building structures with the foam bricks in the baby pool. After a fun-filled day, we dined at the holiday park’s restaurant where Floris got to decorate his own ice cream, wearing a huge toque. His smile couldn’t have been bigger.

Top 5 Attractions for Young Kids at De Efteling

De Efteling is brimming with a variety of attractions. To help you make the most of your visit, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 attractions for young kids. This will ensure you and your little ones have the best time possible!

Top Attractions for Kids at Efteling

1. Fairytale Forest

If you’re visiting Efteling with little ones, the Fairytale Forest is a must-see attraction. Watch as your kids joyfully hop from one fairytale to the next, delighting in both the classic tales like Gardener and Fakier, The Six Servants, and Kobolt Village, as well as newer additions like Pinocchio. It’s a true world of wonders that will captivate their imaginations.

2. Carnaval Festival

Join Efteling’s beloved characters, Jokie and Jet, on a global adventure in the Carnaval Festival ride. This journey takes you and your kids from Africa to the North Pole, all while accompanied by cheerful tunes. If your children are fans of the Jokie and Jet TV show, they’ll be thrilled to see their favorite characters up close.

3. De Oude Tuffer: A Historic Car Ride

De Oude Tuffer offers a unique experience for your kids – a chance to drive vintage T-Fords themselves! With two cars available, both kids can take the wheel. As parents, you can sit back and enjoy the ride as your little ones navigate through hills, dales, and over bridges. It’s a delightful adventure that will make your kids feel proud and accomplished.

4. Avonturendoolhof: An Adventurous Labyrinth

Avonturendoolhof is a labyrinth full of wonders designed specifically for children. Your kids will enter through a keyhole and embark on an exciting journey, crossing bridges and navigating through narrow alleys. Finding their way out might not be as easy as it seems, but with a little help, they’ll emerge victorious and proud after just a few minutes.

5. Droomvlucht: A Magical Darkride

Droomvlucht takes you and your kids on a magical journey into the world of elves and trolls. The ride starts in darkness, which might be a bit scary for the little ones, but soon reveals a magnificent floating castle that will leave them in awe. The journey continues with scenes of elves playing with flowers, trolls relaxing in the water, and fairies flying around. It’s a truly enchanting experience!

Top 5 Attractions for Kids at De Efteling

Our children’s all-time favourite attractions at De Efteling include:

  • Meeting “Het volk van Laaf”
  • Taking a ride on the steam train
  • Riding a horse in the steam carousel
  • Exploring the lake in Gondoletta
  • Playing games like “fishing ducks” and “throwing balls” at the game gallery

But remember, there’s so much more to explore and enjoy at De Efteling for your little ones.

Why We’ll Visit De Efteling and Bosrijk Again

We will definitely visit De Efteling and Bosrijk again. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family.


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