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Top 5 Attractions in Disneyland with kids

‘Shaking Mickey’s hand and asking him if he would like to come to dinner some time’, that’s Floris’ mission when we leave for Disneyland Paris.


Celebrating New Years Eve in Disneyland with kids is amazing! When you walk into “Main Street” the happy Christmas music blares out loudly. When you look around you’ll see lights everywhere, Christmas decorations and a huge Christmas tree of course. Even the biggest grouch or Scrooge won’t be able to contain a little skip in their walk.

But then where do we go? It’s such a large park (actually 2 parks with Disney Studios included). To ensure you find the best attractions next time you visit Disneyland with kids here are the top 5 of the best rides in Disneyland with little kids.

  1. Ratatouille: The Adventure

My personal favourite!! A combination of VR and 3D. You get into a carriage (in the shape of a rat) and before you know it your journey through Chef Skinner’s kitchen begins. You are transformed into a rat and experience a very exciting adventure indeed! Both Floris and Lotte loved it. Floris kept telling us how wet he got from the champagne bottle the rats opened.

  1. Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast

Kev’s big favourite. Why? Because you get to shoot! With a laser gun none the less. Buzz Lightyear is in trouble and you’re going to help him! You get into a carriage and during the ride you shoot at all the enemies to bring the space mission to a successful end. Floris found it a bit exciting but great fun. Lotte was asleep in the baby carrier during the whole adventure.

  1. It’s a small world

The kids’ absolute favourite. We had to go on twice of course. You climb into a boat and your journey around the world begins. All countries pass you by, from the Netherlands to India and Africa. Prepare to have the jolly (and slightly irritating) tune of ‘It’s a small world’ stuck in your head all day.

  1. Casey Jr. Circus Train

This attraction is a combination of a train and a (very slow) rollercoaster. In this train, similar to the one from the ‘Dumbo’ film, you travel through a miniature world where you come across various scenes from Disney films. Sometimes the train would speed up a little, which the kids enjoyed. They were both in awe. Although not all Disney landscapes were clear to see through the thin layer of snow, the train itself made it a great ride for the kids.

  1. Les Voyages de Pinocchio

This little ride in the dark takes you past familiar scenes from the Disney classic “Pinocchio”. Everything is spoken French but that doesn’t appear to be a problem for the kids. The dolls make such an impression they often don’t even listen.

We really enjoyed Disneyland with kids at New Year! There are sooo many other rides that are great to go on with (young) kids and you can watch beautiful shows and finally the parade when the park closes of course. And, oh that’s right, don’t forget to have your kids’ photo taken with their favourite Disney character!

Visiting Disneyland and Paris is a perfect combination for a mini break. Check this Paris in 3 days itinerary or this Paris in 4 days itinerary for some inspiration!

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Kids Love Travel: Disneyland with kids

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