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Embrace the Sun: Top 10 Tropical Islands for a Family Holiday

There’s nothing quite like the sun, sea, beach, and waving palm trees to make a perfect holiday. The dilemma often arises during winter – should you opt for the snow or the sun? While skiing has its charm, nothing quite compares to lounging on a pristine white beach, gazing at the azure sea. Over the years, my partner Kev and I have explored numerous islands. However, since we’ve had kids, our perspective on tropical destinations has evolved. So, here’s a top 10 list for anyone looking to soak up some sun on a tropical island family holiday.

Top 10 Tropical Islands for a Perfect Family Holiday

1. Curacao: A Paradise for Kids and Adults Alike

Imagine crystal clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and swaying palm trees. Picture your little one playing at Jan Thiel beach while you enjoy a cocktail on your shaded beach bed. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Curacao offers several child-friendly beaches and a plethora of activities for kids. They can explore the underwater world in a submarine, help feed ostriches, visit the mystic caves of Hato, or simply enjoy themselves on one of the famous beaches. Curacao is a well-deserved number 1 in our top 10 child-friendly tropical islands.

Looking for a family-friendly hotel in Curacao? Sunscapes is the place to be! They offer a lovely pool, playground, kids club, and a host of activities for your kids!

2. Hawaii: A Tropical Paradise for Families

Hawaii, the 50th state of the United States, is an archipelago that offers a variety of experiences across its multiple islands. The most visited islands include Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island. Whether you choose to explore one island or go island hopping, Hawaii is a tropical paradise that has something to offer for kids of all ages. From its beautiful beaches and exciting surf lessons to dolphin watching and learning about Hawaii’s impressive history, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy.

For travel inspiration, check out this 7-day Oahu itinerary. If you have more time to spend, consider these top travel tips for spending 2 weeks in Hawaii.

Child-Friendly Accommodation in Hawaii

If you’re looking for a child-friendly hotel in Hawaii, the Grand Wailea Hotel, Resort & Spa comes highly recommended. This expansive resort offers a range of facilities including:

  • 9 pools with various slides
  • A lazy river and other water fun activities
  • An extensive child’s program at the kids club
  • One of the best spas in America
  • A luxurious fitness area

With all these amenities and more, the Grand Wailea Hotel ensures a memorable stay for the whole family.

3. Discover the Wonders of Bali

After a 16-hour flight from Europe, you’ll land in the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, Bali offers a mix of experiences. The downside is that you may need to search for authentic Balinese experiences, but the upside is the excellent medical services available. As parents, we always ensure that our travel destinations have reliable medical services, as we often find ourselves visiting local hospitals when traveling with our kids.

The Indonesian people are incredibly welcoming towards children. Your kids will be greeted with open arms and everyone will go out of their way to ensure their happiness. For more information, check out this ultimate guide for Bali with kids and these essential things you need to know before you go to Bali.

Child-Friendly Accommodation in Bali

Looking for a child-friendly hotel in Bali? Consider the Aram Sari Hotel Keliki in Ubud. This hotel offers a pool filled with toys for kids and provides (paid) activities for children as well.

Explore More Asian Islands

For more tropical island travel inspiration, check out this list of the best islands in Asia.

4. Family Vacation in the Bahamas

Our top 10 list of tropical islands for a family holiday brings us to the Bahamas at number four. If you’re dreaming of pearly white beaches, bright blue seas, and waving palm trees, the Bahamas is your ideal destination. It’s a paradise for kids too! Young children will love playing in the sand and surf, while older kids can explore the Pirate Museum, go horse riding on the beach, or visit the famous Pig Beach. The Bahamas ensures a fulfilling vacation for everyone in the family.

Looking for a child-friendly hotel in the Bahamas? Consider booking The Cove at Atlantis. This resort is an adventure in itself, featuring multiple pools and a plethora of activities for kids, from creating their own stuffed animal to encountering various fish and sea mammals.

5. Winter Getaway to Cape Verde

Escape the cold, snowy winters with a trip to Cape Verde. With a pleasant temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius and just a six-hour flight away, Cape Verde is an excellent winter getaway. We recommend visiting Sal, one of Cape Verde’s islands, especially in February. It’s a short flight away, has a minimal time difference with the Netherlands, and boasts a wonderful winter temperature. For our stay, we chose an all-inclusive RIU family resort. While we’re not typically fans of all-inclusive resorts, the idea of a week of relaxation, with no cleaning or cooking, was too tempting to resist. So, we’re giving the all-inclusive concept another try after nearly 20 years.

Discover Family-Friendly Fun at Clubhotel Riu Funana in Cabo Verde

Are you in search of a family-friendly hotel in Cabo Verde? Look no further than Clubhotel Riu Funana. We spent a week there and absolutely loved it! The hotel offers a plethora of activities for children, including a separate pool and a delightful playground. Our kids were particularly fond of the mini club.

6. Experience the Tropical Paradise of Seychelles

The beaches of Seychelles are among the most stunning in the world. Imagine powdered white sand meeting the bright blue sea – it’s truly a paradise. This is why Seychelles has secured a spot in our Top 10 tropical islands for a family holiday. But Seychelles offers more than just sun, sea, and beach. You can also:

Experience the beauty and adventure of Seychelles with your family for an unforgettable holiday.

Discover the Child-Friendly Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

If you’re searching for a child-friendly hotel in the Seychelles, look no further than the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. This resort offers a variety of watersports, a fantastic play area for kids, an engaging activity program in the kids club, and a unique spa treatment specifically designed for children.

7. Experience the Tropical Paradise of Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a tropical island in Thailand, nestled on the country’s east side near Koh Toa and Koh Pahngan. Known for its friendly locals, pristine beaches, warm temperatures, stunning nature, ornate temples, and delicious food, Thailand is a must-visit destination. Koh Samui encapsulates all these offerings within its 225 square kilometer area.

We spent two weeks at the Peace Resort, a family resort in Bophut, the quieter part of Koh Samui. This hotel is incredibly child-friendly, featuring a kids pool with plenty of toys, an outdoor and indoor playground, high chairs in the restaurant, and baby beds in the rooms. For adults, the resort offers a spa, poolside massages, a gym, beach yoga lessons, and a restaurant serving delectable food. Koh Samui is an unmissable destination in our top 5 tropical islands.

8. Aruba: A Tropical Paradise for Family Holidays

Aruba is a stunning tropical island, boasting numerous beaches and a breathtaking blue sea. This destination offers more than just picturesque landscapes; it’s also packed with activities for the whole family. The local languages are Papiamento and Dutch, but English and Spanish are widely spoken, ensuring communication won’t be an issue. Aruba is home to many large resorts, all equipped with a variety of children’s activities and facilities. This makes it a perfect contender in our top 10 tropical islands for a family holiday!

Looking for a child-friendly hotel in Aruba? The Mill Resorts & Suites might be just what you’re after. This resort hotel is brimming with child-friendly facilities, including a large pool, kids club, and a range of children’s activities. Plus, they have a private beach where your kids can build sand castles and play in the sea to their heart’s content.

9. Family Vacation in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer year-round sunshine, with temperatures that are never too hot or too cold. This makes it an ideal destination for family vacations. The Canary Islands consist of seven separate islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Palma.

Lanzarote, in particular, is known for being family-friendly. The resorts here are geared towards families, offering a range of facilities for both parents and children. The beaches are safe for children, and there are plenty of family activities available, such as exploring the Timanfaya National Park, going on submarine excursions, visiting the zoo, or spending a day at a water park.

Looking for a family-friendly hotel? The Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort comes highly recommended. It offers plenty of activities for kids and, importantly, for parents too. Parents who have stayed here with their kids have given this hotel a rating of 9.5!

10. Tropical Family Holiday in French Polynesia

Located in the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is an archipelago of 118 islands, 67 of which are inhabited. The most well-known of these is Tahiti. French Polynesia is a true tropical paradise, with aquamarine waters and fine white sandy beaches, making it an ideal destination for a tropical family holiday.

The underwater world of French Polynesia is also worth exploring. You can go snorkeling and discover a variety of amazing fish species. In conclusion, French Polynesia is a fantastic tropical island destination for families, and a fitting end to our list of top tropical islands for a family holiday.

Discover the Best Child-Friendly Hotel in French Polynesia

Are you in search of a child-friendly hotel in French Polynesia? Look no further than the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. This resort is not just a paradise with a stunning beach and beautiful pool, but it also offers special kids’ treatments in the spa, a kids’ club, and a teen club. It’s a place where everyone in the family can find something they love!


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