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Exploring Mauritius with Kids: A Fun-Filled Adventure

When Mauritius comes to mind, it’s often associated with stunning beaches, refreshing cocktails, luxurious resorts, and honeymooners. However, we wondered if this paradise island could also be a fun destination for families with kids. So, we decided to embark on an adventure and soon discovered that Mauritius is a wonderfully diverse island with plenty to offer. We rented a car and set off to explore the island’s many attractions. Here are some of the most fun things to do in Mauritius with kids:

Experience the Magic of Mauritius with Kids

Discover Flic and Flac

Located on the West Coast of Mauritius, Flic and Flac is a relaxed seaside resort filled with charming shops and restaurants. Although it may not boast the most beautiful beach in Mauritius, its cozy atmosphere and vibrant local culture make it a must-visit destination. Often referred to as the “Zandvoort of Mauritius,” Flic and Flac is known for its long stretch of beach, perfect for leisurely walks.

Especially during the weekends, the place buzzes with a unique blend of tourists and locals. The beach is dotted with local stalls where you can order delicious panini sandwiches, and ice cream carts are aplenty, much to the delight of the kids. Many locals bring their own music, creating a lively atmosphere. Imagine relaxing on a unicorn-shaped airbed with your kids, floating in the sea, and listening to tropical island sounds. It’s simply delightful!

Discover the Serenity of Pamplemousse Botanical Garden

Looking for a break from the beach? Consider a visit to the serene Pamplemousse Botanical Garden. Despite the hectic traffic of Mauritius, once you step into these gardens, a wave of tranquility washes over you. It’s the perfect place to unwind and explore at your own pace.

Experience the Flora and Fauna

At Pamplemousse, you’ll encounter an array of unique plants, as well as friendly deer and giant turtles. The garden’s highlight is undoubtedly the large pond adorned with giant water lilies – a sight that is truly impressive!

Plan Your Visit

Remember to pack your own snacks and drinks, as there are no facilities for purchasing refreshments within the park itself. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this botanical haven.

Discover Mauritius with Kids

Are you planning a family vacation and considering Mauritius as your destination? This tropical paradise is not only a haven for honeymooners but also a fantastic place for a family getaway. Here’s why Mauritius is a perfect destination for a family vacation.

Why Choose Mauritius for Your Family Vacation?

Mauritius offers a plethora of activities for kids and adults alike. From exploring the vibrant marine life to visiting the historical sites, there’s something for everyone in the family. Here are some reasons why Mauritius is a great choice for a family vacation:

  • Beautiful beaches: Mauritius is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are perfect for building sandcastles, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • Rich culture: Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures. Your family can learn about the island’s history and traditions through its food, music, and festivals.
  • Adventure activities: From hiking in the lush green mountains to exploring the underwater world, Mauritius offers a range of adventure activities for the thrill-seekers in your family.
  • Wildlife: Mauritius is home to a variety of unique wildlife. Visit the Casela Nature Park to see lions, zebras, and giraffes, or take a boat trip to see dolphins and whales.

With its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and a variety of activities, Mauritius is a fantastic destination for a family vacation. Start planning your trip today!

Discovering Chamarel: A Natural Paradise in Mauritius

Located in the southern part of Mauritius, Chamarel is a vast nature area that houses some of the most stunning natural attractions. One such beauty is the Chamarel waterfall, which is easily accessible for all visitors. Simply park your car in the designated lot, and the waterfall is just a short walk away. This spot is particularly loved by our oldest daughter, who has been fascinated by waterfalls from a very young age.

Exploring the Chamarel Waterfall

For a different perspective of the waterfall, you can climb a flight of steps that leads to an elevated viewpoint. Just five minutes away, you’ll find another natural wonder known as “the 7 colored Earth”. This unique geological formation consists of sand dunes that display a seven-colored pattern, creating a mesmerizing sight, especially when the sun shines on them.

Walking Around the 7 Colored Earth

The area around the dunes features a well-maintained, buggy-proof path, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely walk with your little ones. You’ll also encounter giant turtles in this area, adding to the overall charm of the place. After exploring, you can relax and enjoy a cup of good coffee or indulge in some ice cream at the nearby restaurant.

Discover the Curious Corner of Chamarel

Known for its lush greenery, Mauritius is an island that occasionally experiences heavy rainfall. During these rainy days, a visit to the Curious Corner of Chamarel can be a delightful diversion. This unique museum is dedicated to optical illusions, offering a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Outdoor Fun with Optical Illusions

The outdoor section of the museum is filled with various props that create amusing photo opportunities. To ensure a smooth visit, each group is assigned a guide who explains how the illusions work and even helps take photos with your camera.

Indoor Adventures and Learning

Inside the museum, you’ll find a range of interactive exhibits that both entertain and educate. Children, in particular, will enjoy the variety of fun activities. One standout feature is the ‘fart-chair’, which provided much amusement for my daughter. When asked about her favorite part of our Mauritius trip, she enthusiastically mentioned the fart-chair. So, if you’re visiting Mauritius with kids, don’t miss out on the Curious Corner of Chamarel!

Exploring the Grand Basin in Mauritius

Mauritius is not just an island adorned with stunning beaches and lush nature, it’s also a melting pot of diverse religions. The island is home to Christians, Muslims, and Hindus, living harmoniously together. It’s not uncommon to see a church, a temple, and a mosque all in one street. This religious diversity adds a unique charm to the island.

The most sacred place on the island is the Grand Basin, also known as Ganga Talao. As you drive towards this sacred site, you’ll be greeted by an enormous statue of Shiva. And when we say enormous, we mean it!

After marveling at the statue, you can take a leisurely walk to the crater lake. Here, you’ll find Hindu temples built all around, adorned with vibrant, colorful statues. You’ll also encounter numerous monkeys, but be cautious as not all of them are friendly.

The Grand Basin is a place of tranquility and reverence. The scent of incense, the sight of people praying, and the overall calmness make it a truly impressive place to visit, even for kids. It’s a testament to the island’s rich cultural and religious diversity.

Discovering Le Morne

Located in the southern region of Mauritius, Le Morne boasts some of the best beaches on the island. This area is also home to the more upscale resorts, offering a touch of luxury to your vacation. Even if you’re not staying in one of these lavish resorts, you can still enjoy the public beaches that lie adjacent to them. Feel free to stroll around or even grab a drink at one of these resorts.

At the beach of Lux Le Morne, you’ll find inviting hammocks swaying in the surf. Meanwhile, the beach of hotel St Regis Mauritius resort is dotted with comfortable beanbags for you to relax on. These beaches offer a bounty of activities, from snorkeling adventures to leisurely swims.

What sets Le Morne apart is the breathtaking view of Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius’ iconic mountain. This stunning backdrop adds a unique charm to the already picturesque beaches, making your visit to Le Morne an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Grand Baie

If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, Grand Baie is a must-visit destination. As the second-largest city in Mauritius, it’s brimming with shops, restaurants, and bars. Grand Baie also offers a variety of excursions, including boat trips with dolphins and snorkeling adventures. However, if you’re prone to seasickness like me, you might want to skip these activities. Nonetheless, for a bustling and fun experience, Grand Baie is the place to be!

Final Thoughts on Visiting Mauritius with Kids

In conclusion, we found Mauritius to be a diverse and child-friendly island. The locals adore children, and the minimal time difference with the Netherlands makes it a convenient travel destination. There are also numerous airlines that fly to Mauritius. We chose Emirates, with a short stop in Dubai, and stayed at the Anaya Residence. This small-scale apartment complex in Flic and Flac allowed us to experience more of the local life. Anaya Residence is perfect for large families too, offering spacious and luxurious accommodations for up to six people. So, should you visit Mauritius with kids? Absolutely!

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This article “Mauritius with Kids: The Most Fun Things to Do” was written by our guest blogger, Kim.


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