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Exploring Iceland: A Land of Breathtaking Nature

Known for its stunning landscapes, Iceland has captivated the hearts of many travelers. Despite the summer heat in the Netherlands, we decided to embark on an adventure to this Nordic wonderland. Armed with wind jackets, thick clothes, and warm hiking boots, we were ready to explore the land of fire and ice.

Our Journey Begins in Reykjavik

Our Icelandic journey with kids began in Reykjavik. From there, we planned to travel clockwise around the country on the famous “ring road”. This route, which circles the island, would be our guide for the next few days.

Exploring Iceland with Kids: A Family Adventure

When planning a family trip to Iceland, it’s important to note that the country’s rugged terrain may require a 4×4 vehicle for inland exploration. However, if you’re traveling with young children, as we were with our 2.5-year-old toddler and a baby on the way, the asphalted ring road is a safer and more comfortable option.

While Iceland may not be overflowing with child-friendly facilities such as playgrounds, baby beds, or buggy-proof paths, it offers a unique opportunity for kids to engage with nature. Our daughter found endless entertainment in simple activities like collecting rocks, twigs, and flowers.

Fun Activities for Kids in Iceland

Despite the lack of traditional children’s amenities, our family found plenty of fun activities during our week-long trip around Iceland. Don’t expect kids’ clubs, animation teams, or large playgrounds. Instead, prepare for a back-to-basics adventure that both you and your children will remember for a lifetime.

Embarking on a Family Adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland

Our family’s journey in Iceland began in the charming city of Reykjavik. We have a peculiar travel tradition; we always start our exploration with a visit to the local botanical gardens. It’s a delightful way to immerse ourselves in the local flora and fauna. The botanical garden in Reykjavik was no exception, offering a tranquil nature walk and plenty of activities for children. Adjacent to the gardens, we discovered a mini-amusement park, home to a variety of animals, including a seal named Snorrie who quickly won our daughter’s heart. Reykjavik is a compact city, making it easy to navigate on foot, even for the youngest travelers. A highlight of our city tour was the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church, a must-see landmark.

One unique aspect of our summer visit was the perpetual daylight. The sun never fully set, leading to a surreal experience of playing dominos at 3 AM in our accommodation!

Marveling at the Hraunfossar Waterfalls

As we continued our journey around Iceland, heading clockwise, we soon encountered the breathtaking Hraunfossar waterfalls on the west side. Our family has a shared love for waterfalls, and this one did not disappoint. The falls are easily accessible, with parking available nearby, making it a convenient and awe-inspiring stop for families visiting Iceland.

Exploring Akureyri and the Godafoss Waterfall

Our next stop was Akureyri, the second-largest city in Iceland. Despite its size, it has a quaint charm that’s perfect for leisurely strolls. Each shop we passed had a large polar bear or troll at the entrance, adding a whimsical touch to our visit. A short drive from Akureyri, we found the Godafoss waterfall. Like the Hraunfossar falls, it’s easily accessible by car, making it another must-visit spot for families. The sheer beauty of this place left us in awe and further deepened our love for Iceland.

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Experience Two Days in Myvatn, Iceland

Myvatn, located in the northern part of Iceland, is a region brimming with stunning sights and exciting activities. To fully appreciate everything this active volcanic area has to offer, we recommend spending at least two days here. This way, you can explore all the ‘must-see’ attractions without feeling rushed.

Myvatn is a lake situated in a highly active volcanic region. One of the key highlights in this area is Dimmuborgir, a place where you can enjoy wonderful walks amidst large lava formations. To plan your visit, check out the available accommodations in Myvatn.

Discovering the Wonders of Iceland with Kids

Embarking on a family adventure to Iceland? This Nordic island nation is a treasure trove of natural beauty, offering a plethora of attractions that are sure to captivate both adults and children alike. From geothermal landscapes to impressive rock formations, Iceland is a playground for nature lovers of all ages.

Exploring the Myvatn Region

One of the must-visit areas in Iceland is the Myvatn region. This area is renowned for its stunning landscapes, featuring a good network of hiking trails that are easily navigable with kids. To make the journey more comfortable, especially for the little ones, consider bringing a baby carrier for those short flights of stairs you’ll encounter along the way.

Visiting Grjoagja Cave

While in the Myvatn region, don’t miss out on visiting Grjoagja, a cave through which bright blue water flows. This beautiful sight is certainly worth a visit, but remember to watch your head as some bulges hang dangerously low from the ceiling.

Experiencing Hverarönd at Mamafjall

Another must-see in the Myvatn region is Hverar√∂nd at Mamafjall. This geothermal landscape bubbles and hisses, filled with bubbling mud pits. Although the sulfur air might be a bit overwhelming, the experience is like walking on another planet. It’s incredibly beautiful and sure to impress your little ones.

Visiting the Viti Crater Lake

A short 20-minute drive from the Myvatn region will take you to the Viti Crater Lake. This natural wonder is certainly worth a visit. You can walk all the way around the crater and enjoy some spectacular views. This is a true Iceland highlight, not to be missed on your trip through Iceland with kids!

Exploring Detifoss and Selfoss Waterfalls

For waterfall enthusiasts, Detifoss and Selfoss waterfalls are a real treat! Located northeast of Myvatn, these natural beauties are easily accessible. A large parking area is available, from where a short, approximately 20-minute walk will lead you to these wonders of nature. However, the path is not suitable for buggies, so it’s advisable to bring a carrier for the little ones.

The walk itself is a delightful experience, reminiscent of a lunar landscape. At the end of the trail, you’ll be greeted by the enormous and awe-inspiring Detifoss waterfall. It’s a sight that will undoubtedly leave you saying, “Wow!”

For those who wish to get up close and personal with the waterfall, a bit of ‘off-road’ walking and climbing is required. This can be a fun and slightly adventurous activity for older kids.

Experience Tranquility: Overnight in a Wooden Cabin in Egilsstadir, Iceland

Located in the serene west of Iceland, Egilsstadir may seem like an unassuming village at first glance. However, it’s the accommodations that truly make this place shine! Nestled amidst the hills, you’ll find charming wooden cabins available for rent, offering a unique and tranquil overnight experience.

Imagine being surrounded by nothing but peace and quiet, with only the company of Iceland’s native ponies and fields of vibrant yellow flowers. Our daughter had a delightful time picking flowers for all the cabins. Later, we enjoyed a simple yet cozy meal of canned soup in our own cabin. The experience was truly unforgettable!

Experience the Unforgettable Jokulsarlon

Visiting Jokulsarlon is an absolute must when you’re in Iceland! This incredibly beautiful location is found in the south of the country, lying directly along the highway, so it’s impossible to miss. Imagine a large, clear blue lake filled with enormous ice floes that slowly drift out into the sea. It’s an awe-inspiring sight to behold. We were fortunate to visit on a day when the sky was bright blue, and the sun was shining, making the view even more spectacular. You can also enjoy boat rides through the ice floes, and there’s a quaint restaurant where you can savor a good cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

Discover the Majestic Skogafoss Waterfall

Alright, just one more, one last waterfall. We believe this one is the most impressive. This waterfall is also easily accessible by car. Upon reaching the parking lot, you can already see the enormous waterfall. The best part about this waterfall is that you can walk right up to it, and even stand under it if you dare (not that we wanted to in the cold, of course). There are no fences or gates, just the waterfall and your courage to see how close you can get!

Experience the Majestic Geysir of Iceland

Our journey wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of Iceland’s most renowned attractions: the towering Geysir. Every day, busloads of tourists flock here to witness its impressive eruptions, which occur approximately every 10 minutes. Despite the inclement weather on our visit, we ventured into the geyser park with high expectations.

Unfortunately, the heavy rain and mist obscured the spectacle, making it difficult to appreciate the full grandeur of the Geysir. However, we can imagine how magnificent it would be against a clear blue sky. If you’re fortunate enough to have good weather, don’t miss the chance to visit the Geysir when traveling through Iceland with your family.

More Icelandic Adventures Await

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Our Icelandic journey was nothing short of fantastic. The overwhelming beauty of nature, although pricey, was well worth the expense. Despite being just a 2.5-hour flight away, stepping off the plane felt like entering an entirely different world. So, is Iceland a good destination for a family trip? Absolutely! We highly recommend it.

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