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Preparation for Your Next Trip: Packing Tips and Lists

With just a week left before our much-anticipated trip to the United States, it’s time to start packing. Gone are the days when we could just throw some clothes into a backpack and be on our way. Now, with two young kids in tow, travel preparation requires a bit more thought. To help you with your own travel preparations, here are some of my top packing tips and list suggestions.

Tips for Creating Your Packing List

1. Utilize Your Phone’s “Notes” Feature

Use the “notes” feature on your phone to create a digital packing list. This allows you to add items anytime something comes to mind. If you prefer a more traditional approach, a pen and paper list works just as well. Just remember to keep it with you at all times. Alternatively, you could use post-it notes placed strategically around your home.

2. Use Subheadings for Organization

Organize your list with different subheadings such as “luggage,” “hand luggage,” and “need to buy.” This will ensure you know exactly what to pack and what to purchase before your trip.

3. Find Online Packing Lists

There are numerous packing lists available online. Perhaps this one will work well for you.

4. Group your Packing List

Organize your packing list by category. For example, under the category ‘Clothing’ for a baby, you might list ‘3x white t-shirt’.

5. Check suitcase against Packing list

Once you’ve finished packing, use your list to double-check that everything you need is in your suitcase.

Top Tips for Holiday Packing

1. I usually pack enough clothes for 1-1.5 weeks, even when we go on a 3-week holiday. Since I need to wash my sheets anyway, I don’t mind washing my clothes at the same time.

2. Pack by outfit. Lay out 7 outfits on your bed and add matching shoes, scarves, belts, and underwear. This way, you won’t overpack, and everything you bring will coordinate perfectly.

3. For long flights (around 16 hours), I prepare backpacks for the kids. To keep them entertained, I fill the backpacks with crayons, paper, a book, and window stickers. We also bring iPads, complete with headphones, loaded with plenty of movies and games. Don’t forget to get a good travel backpack for yourself too! A quality backpack is essential when travelling.

4. It’s crucial to stay hydrated during flights as the air in the plane can be dry. Bring a water bottle for each child to ensure they can drink whenever they want. I recommend Sigg bottles as they are lightweight, leak-proof, and keep water cool. Plus, they come in fun designs that kids love. Remember, your bottles must be empty when you pass through security. You can buy water in sealed bottles before boarding the plane and transfer it to the Sigg bottles once onboard.

5. Always pack spare clothes in your hand luggage, both for the kids and yourself (especially if you have children prone to sickness). Accidents happen, and you’ll be grateful to have a change of clothes if there’s a mishap with a meal and you still have hours left in your flight.

Those are my top tips for holiday packing and creating a packing list. Now, I need to get back to my own packing. Do you have any packing tips or tricks for holidays? I’d love to hear them!


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