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Holiday to the USA with kids; 5 MUST DO’S on the West Coast

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of a holiday to the USA with kids. I’ve scribbled down quite a few blogs about our wonderful holidays on the West Coast and Central America. I just get so happy with all the “space” in the USA; driving for hours without coming across any other cars, spending lots of time outside to enjoy the incredible nature. And… besides that, I find America extremely suitable for kids.

Often I’m asked the question what the real “must do’s” are when you travel to the American West Coast for the first time along with your kids. Of course I’m very happy to share my TOP 5 with you!

  1. Kids & Disney a perfect combination

Our kids are huge Disney fans. Mickey & Minnie are the absolute all-time favourites. A lot of trips along the West Coast start in LA. It just so happens that a beautiful Disney park is located there. A perfect start to your holiday and that way the “jetlagged” kids will definitely stay awake.

  1. Legoland, in the USA? Sure!

In the more Southern situated San Diego, apart from a beautiful zoo, you’ll find a Legoland theme park. This tropical version of Legoland in Denmark even has a waterpark. Lego’s and splashing about in the water. There are not many kids that wouldn’t enjoy even just one of those things ;).

  1. Las Vegas!

Sin City? With kids? Oh yes! Las Vegas is known of course for all that God has forbidden and might not seem the best choice at first for a holiday with kids, but nothing is further from the truth. Last Summer we spent 5 days in Las Vegas with our kids of 2 and 4 years old and they had the time of their lives, just like us. Why? A brief summary: The lazy river of the Mandalay Bay, watching gondolas in the Venetian hotel, admiring the fountains of the Bellagio, watching a volcano eruption at the Mirage and a sinking pirate ship at Treasure Island… Not to mention all the Disney and other cartoon characters on every corner of the street whom the kids can take their picture with. Las Vegas has so much to offer besides gambling!

  1. Spot the Wildlife in Yosemite National Park

The National Parks are also a lot of fun to visit with kids. We’ve been on beautiful hikes in Yosemite National Park. A baby carrier with a kid for each of us and off we went. The kids had lots to see: squirrels, deer and behind each tree they were hoping to find “the” brown bear of course … But no luck. For them that is. I was rather relieved we didn’t run into any bears ;). Are the kids old enough to hike? Check out the best hikes in California ofcourse including a magnificent hike in Yosemite!

  1. Hiking through rivers in Zion National Park

Zion is one of the few National Parks where you can actually hike through a riverbed. At some points there would be no water, at others just a little stream and sometimes you’d be waste deep. This hike might not be advisable for the younger kids but on the other hand very cool for the older ones (and their parents) who enjoy a little adventure.

I could go on for ages… because Bryce National Park, Death Valley (where an episode of the Dutch kids’ series Bassie & Adriaan was even taped) and the Grand Canyon are also fantastic parks to visit with kids. And a city like San Francisco has loads of places that really should be checked out with kids too.

Even though I’ve just returned from America 4 months ago, I would pack my bags and leave straight away to go there again. Would you like to go on a holiday to the USA and discover the West Coast? Then you could ask for an offer, non-committal of course, at the America specialists of Tenzing Travel. They even have a special kid’s trip for the American West Coast. They know the West Coast like the back of their hands so they can give you lots of tips for the best spots to go with kids.

Do you have more time travelling? Add Arizona to your list! Check out this self-guided road trip around Phoenix, Arizona.

Kids Love Travel: holiday to the USA

Happy holiday family in Zion

Kids Love Travel: holiday to the USA

Bryce hike with a sleeping baby Floris

Kids Love Travel: holiday to the USA

Mirage Las Vegas

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