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Discover the Wonders of Mexico with Kids

Imagine exploring majestic Mayan temples, lounging on pristine Caribbean beaches, and discovering colonial cities hidden in the tropical rainforest. Mexico offers a unique blend of action, culture, nature, and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for a family holiday. The travel-savvy mothers of RiksjaKids are here to share their top highlights of traveling in Mexico with kids.

Top Family-Friendly Highlights in Mexico

1. Discover the Lost Temple City of Calakmul

Hidden within the tropical rainforest lie the awe-inspiring temples of Calakmul. The journey to these temples is as impressive as the destination itself, with the potential to spot jaguars, spider monkeys, foxes, and toucans. Standing at 55 meters high, these temples are the tallest Mayan structures in Mexico. From the top, you can gaze out over the jungle and even spot El Mirador, a temple in neighboring Guatemala. On your way to the temples, don’t miss the bat cave, where nearly three million bats swarm out at dusk, creating an unforgettable spectacle.

2. Peddle Around the Blue Lagoon of Bacalar

Traveling to Mexico with kids isn’t just about climbing temples and hiking through the jungle. A little relaxation is also part of the experience. Make sure to visit Bacalar, where you can check into a comfortable hotel and enjoy an ice-cold Sol. The Bacalar Lagoon is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and impressive turquoise color, thanks to the white sand at the bottom. The best way to explore the lagoon is by kayak with a guide, navigating past mangroves and watching the sunrise. The lake’s color changes every minute, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

3. Channel Your Inner Indiana Jones in the Jungle

Palenque is one of the most famous and consequently crowded Maya ruins. While many visitors flock to the smaller cluster of exposed temples, we recommend venturing further into the jungle. Here, you can spot wildlife and discover less crowded temples. Yes, you might have to wade through a few rivers and endure the roars of howler monkeys, but the journey to Templo Olvidado (the lost temple) is well worth the effort.

4. Experience Authentic Mayan Culture

Join us as we venture into an authentic Mayan village with a local guide. Our guide, a resident of the village, provides insightful explanations about the local lifestyle. In Guadalupe, you’ll have the opportunity to join a local family for dinner and learn how to make your own tortillas using corn, water, and salt. Observe the locals as they weave hammocks, which serve as their beds due to the absence of mattresses. Don’t miss out on visiting the nearby famous Chichen Itza temple.

5. Discover the Caribbean Taste of Mexico

No trip to Mexico is complete without experiencing the Caribbean beach! Just a half-hour boat ride will take you to the pristine beaches of Isla Mujeres. Here, you’ll find a laid-back ambiance, swaying palm trees, and deep turquoise blue waters. Spend your time searching for shells in the surf, sipping on delicious cocktails, or snorkeling with whale sharks during the summer. As the day ends, enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

These are some of the favorite highlights of Mexico for families, as recommended by the traveling mothers of RiksjaKids. Have you been to Mexico yet? What’s your favorite place?

Discover the Highlights of Mexico with Kids

If you’re planning a family trip to Mexico, you’re in for a treat. This vibrant country offers a wealth of experiences that both adults and children will love. From exploring ancient ruins to swimming in crystal clear waters, there’s something for everyone. But what are the must-see highlights when visiting Mexico with kids? Let’s find out.

This article, “Highlights in Mexico with Kids, Don’t Miss This!” is brought to you by the travelling mums of RiksjaKids.


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