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Traveling with kids outside of Europe can be a daunting prospect. The days of backpacking and staying in a €5 per night guesthouse may be behind you, replaced by the need for more comfort and amenities like a pool for your children. Moreover, once your kids are over 12 years old, they are charged adult prices for plane tickets. So, are there any child-friendly, budget-friendly destinations? Absolutely! Here are RiksjaKids’ top picks for child-friendly, low-budget destinations.

Top 4 Child-Friendly, Low-Budget Destinations

1. Mexico

Imagine white beaches, waving palm trees, and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. This is Caribbean Mexico, where culture and nature blend seamlessly. With an abundance of fresh fish, dining out is very affordable. You have the freedom to make your own choices and manage your budget. You could visit the beaches of Isla Mujeres or Holbox, but the mainland beaches offer the same Caribbean atmosphere at a lower cost. Cheaper flights are available from Dusseldorf or with a stopover in the states.

2. Discover the Magic of Morocco

Just a four-hour flight away, you’ll find the fairytale-like landscapes of Morocco. The relatively short flight distance often results in affordable ticket prices, especially with early booking. Once there, you’ll find that the beautiful little palaces you stay in are very affordable. Plus, you won’t have to spend much on food and fresh mint tea. In Morocco, you’ll discover ancient Kasbahs, get lost in the bustling souks, and sleep under the starry night sky in the desert. You’ll also find long sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, and lush green oases. For a quick getaway, you can even visit Morocco for a week. Check out this itinerary for inspiration.

3. Experience the Wonders of South Africa

The South African Rand has had a favorable exchange rate for years, making local hotels and car rentals very affordable. Coupled with reasonably priced flights and no jet lag, South Africa is an excellent choice for family travel. Why choose South Africa? For one, it’s home to the Big Five, which you can spot during a game drive. Then there’s the stunning scenery, the freedom to travel at your own pace, and the delicious food and drinks. Did you know that backpacking in Cape Town on a budget is an amazing experience as well?

4. Discover Thailand: The Land of the Everlasting Smile

Known as the land of the everlasting smile, Thailand is a destination where you’re always welcome. This country offers a perfect blend of culture, nature, adventure, and pristine beaches. If you plan your trip well in advance, you can secure a round-trip ticket from Amsterdam or Brussels to Bangkok for as low as €600.

Thailand is also a haven for budget travelers. The cost of food and local transportation is incredibly low. Domestic flights are readily available, allowing you to explore the entire country in just three weeks. You can even save some money for a cocktail on one of the long tropical beach shores while your kids enjoy a dip in the pool. Budget travel in Thailand is indeed a breeze!

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