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Child friendly low budget destinations? Sure!

When your kids are old enough to explore the world with you outside of Europe you might be in for quite a scare. Where you used to be able to backpack around and stay at a guesthouse for € 5 a night you may need a bit more luxury now or a pool for your kids at least. And when your kids are older than 12 years they pay adult prices when it comes to plane tickets even! So are there any child friendly low budget destinations? Of course there are! Below you will find RiksjaKids’ child friendly low budget destinations.


Top 4 child friendly low budget destinations


1# Mexico

White beaches & waving palm trees, that’s Caribbean Mexico. Where culture and nature melt together in crystal clear beaches and a turquoise sea. There’s plenty of fresh fish to go around so it’s very affordable to go out to dinner. You can easily make your own choices and decide which way to go so you can keep an eye on the budget. You can choose to visit the beaches of Isla Mujeres or Holbox for instance but the beaches on the mainland have the exact same Caribbean atmosphere and are often a lot cheaper to visit. Cheaper flights leave from Dusseldorf or have a stopover in the states.


2# Morocco

Just a four hour flight away you will find fairytale like Morocco. The relatively short flight is the reason you can find cheap tickets, if you book in time of course. The beautiful little palaces you stay in are very affordable. And you don’t have to spend that much money on food and fresh mint tea. In Morocco you’ll find ancient Kasbah’s, you’ll get lost in the souks and you can sleep under the starry night sky in the desert. You’ll also find long sandy beaches, small fishers villages and green oases. You can even visit Morocco for a nice week break, check out this itinerary.


3# SouthAfrica

The South-African Rand has had a favorable rate for years which makes local hotels and car rental very affordable. If you take into account that flying there is not even that expensive and you won’t have any jetlag, South-Africa is a pretty solid choice to travel to as a family. So why South-Africa? Because of the big five for one reason, you can spot them during a game-drive. Or what about the beautiful scenery, the fact you can travel at your own pace, the delicious food and drinks and did you know that backpacking in  Cape Town on a budget is an amazing experience as well?


4# Thailand

Thailand is the land of the everlasting smile. Here you are always welcome. Here you can easily combine culture and nature with action and beaches. If you book in time you can get a two-way ticket from Amsterdam or Brussels to Bangkok for € 600,-. The food in Thailand is very cheap, just as the local transportation. A domestic flight is easily booked so you can explore the whole country well in three weeks while still saving a little money for a cocktail on one of the long tropical beach shores while your kids take a dip in the pool. Budget travel in Thailand isnt that difficult! 


This article “Child friendly low budget destinations? Sure!” is written by the travel mothers of RiksjaKids.


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Kids Love Travel: child friendly low budget destinations Kids Love Travel: child friendly low budget destinations Kids Love Travel: child friendly low budget destinations

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