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Embarking on a Camper Trip through France and Spain

Our journey in a vibrant red hippy camper van was an unforgettable experience. Over three weeks, we traveled from Zandvoort to the north of Spain and back, visiting some stunning locations in France along the way. Embarking on your first camper trip is quite the adventure! There’s something truly special about having your own home on wheels.

Essential Camper Trip Gadgets for a Family Holiday

To ensure our camper road trip was as relaxed and comfortable as possible, we compiled a list of essential camper trip gadgets for a family holiday:

Top 10 Essential Gadgets for Your Camper Trip

1. Hammock

First on our list is the indispensable hammock. A vacation wouldn’t be complete without this leisure essential! But we’re not talking about just any hammock that requires trees for setup. Instead, opt for one that comes with its own stand. After all, what’s more relaxing than taking a nap in your own hammock during your holiday?

2. High Chairs for Camping

Forget about stacking pillows on the seat. Opt for a real camping chair with extra high legs so the kids can join you at the dinner table. These chairs fold like an umbrella and come with a bag for easy storage, saving you a lot of space. A perfect solution for family camping trips!

3. Fatboy Lamzac XXXL: The Ultimate Camping Gadget

The Lamzac XXXL is a must-have for any camping enthusiast. This two-person airbed is not only comfortable but also incredibly easy to set up. Simply wave it around to catch the air, roll it up, and your mattress is ready! It hardly takes up any space, making it an ideal gadget for your camper trip. Both kids and adults love it equally, making it a family favorite.

4. Magnetic Board

Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping them entertained. A magnetic board is a great solution for this. It’s compact, easy to carry, and can provide hours of fun. Kids can draw, write, or play games on it, making it a versatile travel companion.

5. Night Lamps: A Win-Win for Parents and Kids

Many kids prefer to sleep with a light on, while parents like us often crave complete darkness for a good night’s rest. The night lamps from Little Lovely Company are a perfect solution! Available in a variety of fun shapes, these lamps automatically switch off, ensuring both kids and parents are happy.

6. Car rental

A car rental?! But you’re with the camper aren’t you? Yes and yes! We made a lovely road trip with the camper all right. A big advantage of the camper is that you can stand and sleep in the middle of nature. You have your breakfast in the morning under the clear blue sky and first sun rays and you have dinner under the stars in the evening. But the camper does come with a disadvantage… It’s rather tricky to go out and discover those beautiful small Spanish and French villages. Our 7 meter long red bus does not fit well down all the small and crooked streets.

For that reason we rented a car through AutoEurope this week. We picked up the car on our way to the campsite. Through AutoEurope you can book the best deal accustomed to your liking. For us that means picking up the car at Girona airport at Europcar. I walk inside and I am outside in 10 minutes holding the car keys. In front of me is a shiny A3, a nice upgrade from the nice lady behind the counter. The car comes with a standard own risk of € 1.000 and unlimited millage. Kev drives the camper to the campsite and I follow with the car. We park the camper and discover all the wonders Spain has to offer this week by car. Brilliant!

7. Essential Swimwear for Men

Those tight swimming trunks, often humorously referred to as “ball busters,” are a must-have for most French campsites. They may not be part of your usual travel gear, but they’re essential in France. If you want to avoid purchasing an overpriced pair during your trip, consider bringing a reasonably priced pair from home for your refreshing dips.

8. Magnetic Board Games

A magnetic game of goose can be a lifesaver during long drives. This compact travel edition is foldable and magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about game pieces scattering around the vehicle. It promises hours of fun, provided your kids can handle a loss.

9. “Who is it?” Travel Game

Another fantastic choice for road trip entertainment is the travel edition of the “Who is it?” game. It’s compact and flat, making it perfect for travel as it doesn’t take up much space.

10. Dopper Bottles

We are big fans of Dopper bottles! The kids use them for drinking in the car. During stops or at dinner, the large cap comes off, and they use them as “wine glasses”. These bottles are made of plastic, making them easy to clean and highly sustainable.

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