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Choosing the Perfect Child-Friendly Hotel for Your Family Vacation

Before we had kids, spontaneous trips to Paris were a regular occurrence. A quick hotel booking on a Thursday evening would lead to a delightful weekend spent on a terrace in Le Marais. Now, with children in tow, our travel planning requires a bit more research, particularly when it comes to finding a child-friendly hotel.

What constitutes a child-friendly hotel can vary greatly depending on personal preferences, the destination, and the type of holiday. For instance, a week-long ski trip might necessitate a separate bedroom for the kids, while a weekend getaway to Antwerp might warrant a shared room for the family.

Many of you have shared your favorite child-friendly hotels, enough to fill an entire Lonely Planet guidebook! To keep things manageable, let’s start with Europe.

Top 10 Child-Friendly Hotels in Europe

1. Raddison Blu – Berlin, Germany

First on the list is the Raddison Blu in Berlin, a somewhat unconventional choice for a child-friendly hotel. However, it’s a favorite among families due to the enormous aquarium in the lobby, which happens to be the world’s largest freestanding aquarium. Your kids will be mesmerized from the moment you step into the hotel.

2. Kinder Hotel – Zell am See, Austria

Living up to its name, the Kinder Hotel in Zell am See, Austria, is a paradise for kids. It doesn’t get more child-friendly than this. The hotel features a special children’s reception, children’s tea time, baby activities, a fun-filled children’s club, a pickup and delivery service for ski lessons, family rooms, a family spa, and even an “adults only” spa for when you need a break from all the kid-centric activities.

3. Sea Life Family Resort – Antalya, Turkey

This family-friendly resort in Antalya, Turkey, offers a spacious layout that’s perfect for families with children. It’s buggy-friendly and features a children’s playroom with special activities. The resort also boasts a children’s pool with a slide, child seats in the restaurant, and hotel rooms equipped with children’s beds.

4. Up Suites BCN – Barcelona, Spain

Up Suites BCN in Barcelona, Spain, is not your typical child-friendly accommodation. What sets it apart? Its central location in the Eixample district, spacious apartments, and comprehensive facilities. With a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine, your stay is guaranteed to be as relaxed as possible.

5. Holiday Park Bosrijk – Efteling Waalwijk, the Netherlands

Our kids’ absolute favorite! What could be more fun than spending a day at the Efteling? How about spending several days and a night there? Holiday Park Bosrijk is as enchanting as the Efteling itself. In the evening, the Sandman even drops by to read a bedtime story. What more could you ask for?

6. Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon – Paris, France

Located right next to Gare de Lyon, Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon offers spacious rooms and child-friendly amenities in the heart of the city. After a day of exploring, take a dip in the pool or let the kids unwind in the game room with an Xbox game.

7. The Ampersand Hotel – London, Great Britain

The Ampersand is a child-friendly hotel nestled in the heart of Kensington, London. It features spacious suites with kitchens and the option to book two rooms separated by a door. The hotel offers special child menus and free breakfast for kids up to 4 years old. A children’s playroom with a table tennis game is also available for kids to blow off some steam.

8. Familotel Feldberger Hof – Hochschwarzwald, Germany

For those seeking fresh mountain air and outdoor activities, Familotel Feldberger Hof is the perfect child-friendly family hotel. It offers a range of activities including swimming, indoor playground climbing, horse riding, and forest walks. A crèche for babies older than 6 months is also available, allowing parents to enjoy an hour at the spa.

9. Kids Hotel Andrija – Sibenik, Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful holiday destination that’s not as touristy as other South-European countries. Kids Hotel Andrija, the first child-themed hotel in Croatia, is built specifically for families, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both parents and kids.

10. De Blanke Top – Cadzand Bad, the Netherlands

Hotel De Blanke Top is a boutique hotel located on the Belgium coast. It offers luxury and relaxation for adults, and plenty of facilities for kids. You can book a comfortable family room, enjoy special three-course meals for your kids, and let them relax in the playroom after a day at the beach.

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