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Adventuring with your kids, action guaranteed!

Adventuring with your kids often means finding the right balance. As a parent, you want a taste of culture or some nature peace and quiet, but for kids this can be rather boring. They need WIFI and if that’s not around, they need action. So it makes perfect sense to combine both of your interests. In this article the travelling parents of Riksjakids have made you a top 6 action packed adventures!

Top 6 adventuring with your kids, action guaranteed!


#1 Rafting through the rainforest in Sri Lanka

Wetsuits and helmets are mandatory while rafting. It may be hot, but you’ll understand why if you are about to ride the river wild. Your experienced guide tells you briefly how to take position and how or when not to stick your paddle in the water. You’re taught how to gain speed and how to avoid the rocks. On the water it can get pretty wild. Will you avoid the current or let the boat capsize? Quite the excitement.

#2 Action in the jungle of Mexico

True action is found in the jungle of Villahermosa. Here you will be taking a zip line and swing between treetops, sometimes at heights of at least 100 meters. So you’d better not be afraid of heights. And if that isn’t enough it’s time for a command course. You’ll be abseiling near a waterfall and will eventually return to the jungle lodge covered in mud. In the evening you’ll roast marshmallows on the fire and you’ll be awakened by monkeys in the morning. Now ‘that’ is action packed.

#3 Surfin’ USA

San Diego, located on the West Coast of America, is a surfers’ paradise. The place to be if you want to try and tame the waves. It may look easy but just wait until you try it yourself after a bit of theory and dry training on the beach. We took quite a few dives before we finally ‘rode’ our first wave but man what a feeling!

#4 Inca-Trail in Peru

Take off your sneakers and put on a pair of sturdy old hiking boots, it’s time for a trip to the iconic Machu Picchu. You’ll be accompanied by carriers, a guide and a cook. During your hike you’ll pass through the tropical rainforest and walk past villages and several small Inca ruins. After a long day of hiking the night will be spent in tents with no electricity or warm water and once you’ve reached the top and you arrive at the sun gate, you’ll experience a magical feeling as you see the last patches of mist draw in the morning sky and watch the sun rays spread out across the mysterious Inca city of Machu Picchu. Breathtaking.

#5 Giddy up, into Swaziland

Strap your helmet on and get in the saddle. It’s easier approaching small wildlife from the back of a horse and you’re able to take better pictures too. Red sand paths, through grasslands and narrow creeks, that’s your route. You’ll see impalas, wild boars and zebras along the way. In the creeks and along the lakes you’ll spot hippos and crocodiles lounging in the sun. So what about saddle pains? Don’t worry, that will be over by the time you reach the pool.

#6 Sleeping on lake Racha Praba in Thailand

Your cabin for the night lies an hour away from the shore and is only reachable by boat. It’s made out of bamboo and is very basic. It’s really just a mattress on the floor. If you need to take a shower you just dive into the lake and you walk over wooden plank bridges to get to a small island where the toilets are, so it’s recommended to keep your flashlight near you at night. Grab one of the canoes in front of your cabin to explore the lake or sail all the way across to see if you can spot any screeching gibbons. The cook lives there permanently and knows how to prepare the best meals with the most basic ingredients. Lots to enjoy.

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Kids Love Travel: Op avontuur met je kinderen  Kids Love Travel: Op avontuur met je kinderen  Kids Love Travel: Op avontuur met je kinderen

This article “ adventuring with your kids, action guaranteed” is written by the travelling mothers of RiksjaKids.

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