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5 Tips: Costa Rica with kids

Costa Rica is known to be one of the best countries in Latin America, for travelling with kids; it’s safe, clean and most people speak English. Next to that Costa Rica is quite diverse for a smaller country, you will see rain forest, volcanoes, lots of wild animals and beautiful palm beaches. Costa Rica is a perfect destination to explore in you own rental car, giving you all the freedom you want and need. The travel experts of CostaRicaKids take you to their 5 favorite hot spots when travelling Costa Rica with kids. Vamos!

#1 Explore Monteverde cloud forest

One of the most famous hot spots of Costa Rica is Monteverde, where you can find a fascinating cloud forest. The cloud forest has an amazing diversity of inhabitants: colourful toucans, frogs, hummingbirds and cheeky monkeys. There are several ways to explore the forest, you can make guided walking tours, or choose a canopy tour. Who’s in?

#2 Picking pineapples at Don Rudolfo

Surrounded by pineapple fields you will find Sarapiquí, here you can spend the night in a hospitable finca with a pool, run by a local Costarican family. Don’t forget to pay Don Rudolfo a visit. He can give you a tour through the pineapple fields and tell you everything you didn’t know about pineapples. Of course you can taste some fresh pineapple as well.

#3 Taking a bath in the hot springs of La Fortuna

La Fortuna is a small town close to the Arenal volcano. You can find it in the middle of the lush forest surrounded by flowers and waterfalls. There is lots to do at La Fortuna, you can hike the volcano or go canoeing. Our all time favourite are the hot springs, the water is warmed by the volcanic activity. We love relaxing in the springs at night after a busy day.

#4 Visit turtle beach at Tortuguero

When you are visiting Costa Rica in the summer you are right on time to see the huge green sea turtles, laying eggs on the beach. They do this from app July until October. In National Park Tortuguero you can sleep in a real jungle lodge. When evening comes, you can join a guide to the beach, from where you can watch the turtles coming to land to lay eggs. We found it fascinating to watch those beautiful creatures at night, laying their eggs while in a trance.

#5 Time to relax at Manuel Antonio beach 

Manuel Antonio is known for its long, beautiful, gently sloping beaches with lots of shade. Ideal for kids and the best beaches to make huge sand castles. The sea and the rain forest meet here, which results in a beaches fringed by green jungle. You can also explore Manuel Antonio National Park by foot or choose one of the snorkeling trips.

Who wants to join us to Costa Rica with kids?

This is a guest blog of CostaRicaKids travel experts, part of tour operator RiksjaKids. Do you want to visit Costa Rica with kids? CostaRicaKids offers tailormade trips for families with (young) kids. Our travel experts know the country by heart and travel regularly with their own family as well. They love to help you, designing a trip to Costa Rica which is unforgettable for you as well as for the kids.


Costa Rica with kids

Costa Rica with kids : beach

Costa Rica with kids: pineapple fields

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