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5 Family friendly bike tours, from Bangkok to America!

t feels like a typically Dutch thing to do: cycling around from place to place. But did you know you can take bicycle rides in lots of countries? It’s an excellent way of exploring your surroundings and since we all grew up doing it, it’s also an excellent activity to participate in with your kids. Therefor we’ve highlighted 5 family friendly bike tours for you, from Bangkok to America. Because cycling on your travels is a lot of fun!

Cycling on your travels, 5 family friendly bike tours


  1. Peddle along temple ruins in Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa. This royal city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List for good reason. Here you’ll find the most beautiful stupas, Buddha statues and pagodas in all of Sri Lanka. The area is more than three square kilometers large so a bicycle is a very useful tool for exploring a large part of the complex. They’ve taken all ages into account so they even have bikes for the smallest among us. But you can always go for a child seat of course, if you prefer. Try playing a game of ‘I spy’ or ‘who can count the most Buddha statues?’ and you’ll have guaranteed fun for hours.

Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours


  1. Rush past the red rocks in America

Show them a mountain bike and most kids will jump right on one, am I right? Those kids get exactly what they want at Zion National Park. The reserve, which is mostly known for its red rock formations, is an excellent place to go cycling in. It isn’t just for teenagers either as younger kids can participate with a special trailer bike too. Helmets are also taken care of. Rush through the canyons, past red-brown colored rocks, waterfalls, limestone walls and gorges. Indians used to live here… how cool is that?

Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours


  1. Catching the wind in your hair on Bali

Green, more green and the greenest: that’s probably the best way to describe Bali. In the heart of the island you will find rice fields as far as your eyes can see. This is an amazing place to explore by bike, especially if you have a local guide that can tell you everything you need to know about the Bali life. You’ll come across temples and stop at an elementary school where your kids can make friends with Indonesian students. Are you feeling a little tired? Try charging your battery at a warung, where you can taste real Balinese coffee and, if you’re in for it, sour inlaid vegetables or so called adjar. But don’t eat too much because at the end of your trip your guide will have a fully decked rice table ready for you at their home. Enjoy!


  1. An active break in Canada

The land of bears, mountains and forests: Canada. This is the perfect country where those who like the outdoors feel best at home. On your way to the Rocky Mountains you’ll find Sun Peaks, the smaller and less known younger brother of the more popular Whistler. That is, if you know your way. This area is almost calling out to be explored by bike. Big or small, experienced or not so experienced, everyone gets what they want here. You can take a relaxing bike tour too for example, especially good if you have young kids. Are your kids a little older and starting to become dare devils? Get into a chairlift with your mountainbike to go up and rush downhill to where you started in an hour. An adrenaline kick is guaranteed!

Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours


  1. Bike riding through the unknown Bangkok

Unknown Bangkok, is there even such a thing? Of course there is! Yes it is the capitol of Thailand where every tourist starts their adventure, but if you look a little further you’ll find a vast area where a lot less tourists are present. You do need to know the way but luckily they have guides for that. So how does one reach those areas? By bike of course! Make your way through narrow alleyways, past colorful shops full of trinkets unknown to us and place your bike on a longtail boat to cross the Chao Phraya River. All of a sudden you’re in the middle of a green oasis: the suburbs of Bangkok. This is so different compared to the busy city, it’s unbelievable! Wonder into the countryside with your guide and you’ll feel the jetlag sliding away from you.

Feeling like jumping onto a bike and start peddling with your kids right now? We have one last tip for you: contact the travel maniacs of Riksja Kids. These mothers have travelled the world for years and have singled out all the best spots by themselves, such as the 5 family friendly bike tours from Bangkok to America! The tips we just gave you are from them and they’d love to help you on your way of exploring the world together with your kids. Are you more into longer cycling holidays, check out these tips.

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This article “5 Family friendly bike tours, from Bangkok to America!” contains affiliate links. When you book anything through the links in the text I get a small contribution making it able for me to keep writing useful travel items. You don’t pay anything extra of course, Riksja Kids gives me a small part of the payment. Thank you! Happy Travels.

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