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10 x the most fun means of transportation with kids

By bicycle, horse, jeep or tuk-tuk. There are plenty of ways to go in terms of travelling. You could take the car or bus of course but we find the following means of transportation much more fun! Do you like trying out the most fun ways of getting around during your travels just like us? We’ve made you a top ten list with the most fun means of transportation with kids.

  1. Counting houses on the superfast train in China

Get aboard the superfast train that takes you from Beijing to Xi’an. In just six hours you’ll whiz through the landscape towards your destination. Not only is the connection superfast, it’s supercheap too. Are you able to count all the houses together on the way?

  1. By tuk-tuk through Colombo in Sri-Lanka

You see these funny looking cars everywhere throughout Sri-Lanka: tuk-tuks! Make your way through Colombo in a tuk-tuk and stop wherever you please. Especially nice for kids because this way they won’t have to walk much. Get out in the colourful popular neighbourhoods and stroll the markets where you hear the Bollywood music in the background.

Kids Love Travel: transportation with kids

  1. By Land Rover through South-Africa

Grab your binoculars and spot the wildlife from your Land Rover in South-Africa. You can fit up to a maximum of ten people in the jeep and drive off through the safari park. Your kids can join in actively by searching for wildlife themselves. Can’t spot anything during your game drive? Don’t worry, your kids won’t be bored: the guide will tell them all the fun stuff there is to know about the animals. During our safari a giraffe suddenly crossed the road, right in front of our jeep. This made such a big impression on the kids, they were left speechless!

Kids Love Travel: transportation with kids

  1. Race the streets of San Francisco by cable car

Your visit to the characteristic city of San Francisco isn’t complete without a ride on the classic cable car. Be sure to get on heading north so you get a good view of the bay. Sometimes the streets are so steep you race down pretty fast. Our kids loved it!

  1. Strut through the Moroccan desert on a camel

Would you like to experience the true Morocco? Why not strut through the desert by camel? You leave in the late afternoon, when it’s less hot and you can relax and enjoy the ride. Kids are allowed to ride by themselves at the age of 7. Bringing little kids? They fit just fine right in front of you on your camel. After wandering the orange dunes for an hour and a half you get to a tent camp where you can cosily spend the night together.

Kids Love Travel: transportation with kids

  1. Rafting past the volcanoes in Peru

Are you in for a little adventure? Go rafting on the Rico Chili in Peru. Together with the kids you travel to the gorge at the foot of the Misti-volcano where you get in the raft. You’re ready to go: with your life vest, helmet and a paddle in hand you whiz down the current!

  1. Tour Havana, Cuba in an old-timer

It’s fun just to spot the many old-timers in Cuba but driving one is even better! Drive one to your accommodation straight from the airport. After that, get into a coloured old car and tour the city. It’s the perfect way to really get to know Havana.

  1. Swing through the treetops in Mexico

Take the dare and zip line through the treetops in Mexico with your kids! You swing from tree to tree seven times, of which the last zip line is over a hundred metres long. We thought this was a bit exciting but our kids were absolutely thrilled!

  1. Cycling through Bangkok

Looking for fun places to hangout in Bangkok? Explore this vibrant city by bike! The small kids fit on the back of your bike and the teenagers get their own. Make your way through narrow alleys and stroll the market, bike in hand. Cycle past golden temples, workplaces and old fashioned districts with no cars. This is most definitely one of our favourite means of transportation with kids.

  1. Trot through Monument Valley by horse in America

To get the true Wild West feeling there is only one way to go: horse riding through Monument Valley! Ride into the valley together with your teenage kids and trot past the rocks and dust for two hours. You’ll really get to know this ‘Indian country’ best by horse because you can’t get as far by car.

Are you looking forward to trying out these fun means of transportation with kids? Piece your own journey together with our building blocks for South-Africa for example, or Peru. Not sure where to go yet? Take a look at our destinations or check out our RiksjaKids-blog for more inspiration!

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