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Embarking on a World Trip with Young Kids: A Dream Come True

Many of us dream of embarking on a world trip with our young kids. It’s a lofty goal that often seems fraught with practical problems. However, for Martine, this dream is her reality. She is currently travelling the world with her husband and two kids, embracing the adventure “for as long as it’s fun”.

“My name is Martine (34). My husband and I established a successful restaurant, pouring five years of hard work into it. During this time, we were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Marley (3) and Vesper (1.5). As a result, I spent less time at the restaurant, while my husband’s hours increased. We were living parallel lives. Fortunately, we realized in time that if we continued this way, we would be deeply unhappy. So, we sold the restaurant, rented out our house, and decided to explore the world. We’ve been travelling for two months now, and it’s been better than anything we ever dared to imagine.”

This courageous woman is here to share her top tips for preparing for a world trip with young kids.

Top 10 Tips for Preparing for a World Trip with Young Kids

1. Take Your Time to Think Things Over

From packing your backpack to choosing the right travel insurance, take your time to think things over. I’m usually the type of person that says “we’ll sort that out later”, but luckily, I thought otherwise while planning. I started planning two months in advance. We rented out our house, so everything needed to go. Spending two hours each day packing ensured there was no stress or arguing involved.

2. Invest in Quality Travel Gear

While it might be tempting to save money on travel essentials, it’s crucial to invest in quality items. Trust me, you don’t want your backpack or toiletry bag falling apart within the first month of your journey. Quality gear may cost more, but it will last significantly longer. Given the frequency of use during your travels, handling these items delicately isn’t really an option.

3. Embrace Minimalism

The adage “less is more” holds particularly true when it comes to travelling. Avoid overpacking clothes. For instance, between the four of us, we only carry two regular backpacks and two small backpacks during our travels. This approach keeps us light on our feet. We use the Eagle Creek packing cubes for our clothes. Each person has their own bag, which keeps things organized. One of the smaller backpacks is dedicated to our electronic devices, while the other is used for daily essentials like food and drinks.

4. Essential Travel Gear: A Crib for Your Young Kids

If you’re embarking on a world trip with kids under the age of 5, don’t forget to pack a travel crib. For our child, Vesper, we chose the Nomad’s travel crib. This crib is perfect as it provides a sense of security for Vesper, who always sleeps in her own tent. It’s completely isolated, preventing mosquitos and other pests from getting in. Made of cotton, it doesn’t get too warm and is sturdy enough to prevent tipping over. Plus, it’s lightweight (no more than 4 kilos) and compact enough to fit into our backpack when packed.

5. What Not to Bring: A Stroller

We deliberated over this for a while and are extremely pleased with our decision to leave the stroller at home. In places like Sri Lanka, there are no pavements, it doesn’t fit in a Tuk Tuk, and it’s certainly not practical for activities like rock climbing or lounging on the beach.

6. Essential Travel Gear: The Ergonomic Baby Carrier

We recommend the Tula Coast Baby Carrier. This ergonomic back carrier is suitable for both Vesper and Marley. It features a mesh back for cooling and can be easily worn around your waist when the kids want to walk. The carrier evenly distributes the weight of the kids across your body, ensuring they are seated safely and comfortably. It’s particularly useful in crowded areas, providing a shield against unwanted contact with your children.

7. The Dopper: A Lifesaver for Hydration

The Dopper is a reusable water bottle with a lid that doubles as a cup. This feature allows the kids to drink water from a cup wherever we go. For Vesper, drinking from a bottle can be a challenge, but thanks to the Dopper, we no longer have to worry about water spillage.

8. Carry a Mosquito Net

While you may not need it everywhere, carrying a mosquito net can significantly expand your accommodation options, especially in places like Sri Lanka. It’s a small item that can greatly enhance your comfort and peace of mind during your travels.

9. Preload Your Credit Card

Preloading your credit card can save you money on withdrawal fees. For instance, with Visa, you pay only 1.50 per cash withdrawal, while with ING, you pay 2.25 plus a 1% exchange rate. Without any money on your Visa, it will cost you 4.50 per cash withdrawal. Since not all places accept credit cards, having cash on hand is essential. Preloading your card ensures you spend less on transaction fees.

10. Equip Your Phone with Useful Apps

There are several apps that can make your travel experience smoother. For instance, the app allows you to download maps of each country, ensuring you never get lost. The Documents 5 app is also handy as it allows you to save YouTube videos on your phone, keeping your kids’ favorite movies accessible even without Wi-Fi. Lastly, consider the 3G babyphone app, which allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening at a restaurant while your kids are safely asleep in their beds.

Are You Ready for a World Trip with Young Kids?

Are you prepared for your global adventure with your little ones? If you’re interested in reading about the exciting journeys of Martine and her family, you can do so at Wij reizen de wereld rond.

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