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10 Tips for Bangkok with kids, from watching sharks to discovering temples…

Almost each journey through Thailand starts in Bangkok. The past weeks I received loads of questions about the best “things to do” in Bangkok with kids. So for everyone that is going (or would like to go) on holiday to Thailand, here is a top 10 of the most fun attractions and things to in Bangkok with kids:


1.Explore the wondrous underwater world in Sealife

Like many cities, Bangkok too has an Aquarium. You will find it in the “basement” of the luxurious shopping mall Siam Paragon. Our kids loved it! You can get really up close to the fish. The sharks in particular made a big impression. Small note: I found the entrance fee for a family quite pricey…

Kids Love Travel: bangkok with kids

2.Climbing and clambering in Lumpini Park

Free and lots of fun! Lumpini Park is a city park, a green oasis in the middle of Bangkok. Aside from a small lake you can sail a boat on and lots of green, you will find multiple playgrounds for the kids to climb and clamber in. This was the perfect place for Floris to let out all of his energy. On some days there are yoga lessons or run classes that take place and may make the park a bit busier but there is always enough room to find a spot and take in Bangkok quietly. Oh and don’t get startled if a huge Monitor lizard trudges past..

Kids Love Travel: bangkok with kids

3.Discover Bangkok by bike

Whether you visit Bangkok with or without kids, a bicycle ride is something you should not miss out on. Through the years we have done almost all the bicycle trails that Co van Kessel offers and they have never disappointed us. The longer routes especially take you to the more serene parts of Bangkok that are green and spacious. The older kids can cycle themselves and the small ones fit on the back of your bike or in the carrier. A wonderful experience!

Kids Love Travel: bangkok with kids

4.Become a fireman, chef or artist in KidZania

KidsZania is a fun and educational day out. You will find KidZania in Siam Paragon too. Kids can act out all different kinds of professions.

5.Race the streets of Bangkok in a colourful tuk-tuk

When it comes to means of transportation, our kids enjoyed the tuk-tuk the most in Bangkok. And for that reason we used them a lot to get around. Tip: Pay the chauffeur a bit more so you actually get to your destination and to make sure they don’t take all kinds of stops along the way at tailors for instance. This is also a good moment to bargain in a quick picture of your child behind the steering wheel of a tuk-tuk (when it’s parked of course ;). While exploring the city don’t forget to visit one of the city’s child-friendly rooftop bars!

And did you know there are lots of free things to do in Bangkok as well?

Kids Love Travel: bangkok with kids

6.Get on the train 

Bangkok is probably either at the start or at the end of your journey and so you explore Thailand and all her beauty in between. Whether you’re traveling North or South, the train is the perfect means of transportation for long distances in Thailand. Are you going to Chiang Mai? Then the night-train is quite the adventure! Get on in the evening and after a couple of hours your chair is changed into a small bed. By the time you wake up the train will most likely be close to rolling into Chiang Mai.

7.Blowing off steam in Funarium

Funarium is an indoor playground where kids can climb loads and just blow off steam. They can develop their creative side too in the crafts corner. Are your kids a little older? Then the kids climbing wall will surely be to their liking.

8.Take a peep at the reclining Buddha

Wat Pho is the temple of the reclining Buddha. Culture is a big part course in Bangkok with kids. Bangkok has a multitude of amazing temples that kids (with a little encouragement and imagination) are sure to enjoy. Our kids liked this temple the most because of the huge Buddha that’s just, well, lying there. In preparation of your trip to Thailand it’s a lot of fun reading this little book to your children: Ikke in Thailand.

9.Theme park day in Siam City Park 

If you enjoy spending a day in a theme park then Siam City Park has got your back! This theme park has different worlds like Small World for the little ones, Family World, Fantasy World, X-Zone for the daredevils and a lovely, refreshing water park.

10.Explore The Golden Mountain

Or Wat Saket, but what locals call “The Golden Mountain”. You’ll find this temple on a small hill but it’s quite the hike getting up there. If you have little kids it’s best to take a baby/child carrier with you. The walk takes you through a lovely garden with beautiful flowers, plants, waterfalls and even Buddha statues. Play a little game of “spot and count all the Buddha statues” and you’ll be up there in no time. The temple itself is definitely worth the walk and the amazing view is a nice bonus! See if you or your kids can spot the Grand Palace.

These are my 10 tips for Bangkok with kids. Do you have more? I’d love to hear them 🙂 Want some more Thailand tips? Check out these Thailand travel tips or this 3 day itinerary for Bangkok.

Or check out what you can do in Bangkok with only 10$, probably more that you think!

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