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10 Tips for a Relaxed Ski Holiday with Kids

It is “this time of the year” again: time for a ski holiday! Wax your skis, find your snowboards, and locate your snow boots. How do you ensure your ski holiday with kids goes as smoothly as possible? Here are the 10 tips for a relaxed holiday with kids from Kids Love Travel:

1. Arrange Indoor Lessons for First-Timers

If your kids are skiing for the first time, arrange some indoor lessons before you go.

2. Show Your Kids Skiing Videos

Show your kids videos of other kids having ski lessons before they have lessons themselves:

3. Choose a Close Destination

Try to choose a destination as close as possible. If you need to go far to be sure of some snow, make sure you plan enough stops for the kids.

4. Plan Entertainment for Long Trips

Make sure you have entertainment for the kids during a long trip. For example, give them a backpack with 10 little presents (cookie, little book, pencil) of which they can open one every hour.

5. Prepare for the First Ski Lesson

Arrived and ready for the first ski lesson? If your little one is recently potty trained, make sure he/she wears a diaper. The ski teacher can’t always reach a toilet in time.

6. Don’t Forget Thermic Underwear

Don’t forget to get thermic underwear for your kids. It will keep them nice and warm.

7. Protect Against Extreme Cold

Is it really cold? A forage cap under the ski helmet will keep your kids’ faces warm.

8. Make Reservations During Busy Periods

Are you having your holidays in a busy period? Make reservations for your ski lessons and gear ahead online.

9. Use Name Tags

Give your kids a little “name tag” carrying their and your details, including your telephone number.

10. Consider a Holiday Park

When booking your ski holiday, consider a holiday park instead of a hotel or apartment. Most holiday parks have lots of facilities for kids: a pool, playgrounds, kid-proof chalets, and so on. Check out and

These are the 10 tips for a relaxed ski holiday with kids from Kids Love Travel. Do you have more tips? Please let me know!


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