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Planning a Memorable Road Trip with Kids

Are you planning a summer trip to sunny Spain or the vineyards of France? Or perhaps you’ve booked a fly-and-drive through Florida? If so, you’re likely to spend a good deal of time driving with kids in the backseat. While this can often be a fun experience, it doesn’t always go as planned. Here are some tips to make that long road trip with kids a lot easier:

Top 10 Tips for a Long Road Trip with Kids

1. Preparation is Key

Preparing for a long road trip with kids is crucial. Inform the kids about the holiday, the destination, and the exciting activities planned. Also, let them know about the long drive ahead. You can even show them the route on a map to give them an idea of the distance. Always ensure you pack the right stuff! This road trip packing list can be very helpful.

2. Schedule Frequent Stops

When driving long distances, it’s important to take frequent stops, preferably every 2 hours, even if it’s just to stretch your legs. For babies in a car seat, it’s equally important to stretch every once in a while. Bring a blanket and lay the little one down on its back or tummy during your stop.

3. Engage in Car Games

Car games are a classic road trip activity. From playing ‘I spy’ a hundred times, making words out of license plates, to counting car colours, these games can keep the kids entertained. In a study done by Auto Europe, you can find interesting facts about car trips and the behaviour of Dutch people on the road.

4. Utilize Gadgets like the iPad

We’re big fans of the iPad for road trips. Load it up with films, shows, puzzle games, and other games to ensure a few hassle-free driving hours. Don’t forget to check if the videos/games are available offline.

5. Manage Car Sickness

Car sickness can be a common issue during long drives. From our experience, Floris and Lotte both get car sick. Floris seems to be outgrowing it, but Lotte still complains a lot in the car. Luckily, she doesn’t throw up. From the age of 2, they’re allowed a quarter primatour, a pill against car sickness, which really helps them!

6. Pack Road Snacks

A long road trip with kids should not start without a bag full of treats. Besides sandwiches, consider packing pieces of apple, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, carrots, soup stalks, rice waffles, and crackers.

7. Old Fashioned Window Stickers

Window stickers can be a fun and engaging activity for your kids during a long road trip. They might take some time to find and peel off, but they allow your children to create imaginative scenes on your car windows. You can easily order them online.

8. Don’t Forget the Headphones

If you’re planning to bring an iPad or any other device, don’t forget to pack headphones. This will save you from having to listen to the same children’s show for hours on end. You can easily find and order special child headphones online.

9. Plan for Rest

When embarking on a long road trip with kids, it’s a good idea to book a night somewhere halfway. This ensures the journey remains enjoyable for everyone and you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for the day.

10. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Remember to stay relaxed during your road trip. If you’re stressed, your kids might feel it too. Take breaks when needed, enjoy some ice-cream, or play a quick game of hide and seek. Remember, your holiday has already started.

For more tips, check out this guide from Your Parking Space and don’t forget to check this list for all other road trip essentials!

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