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10 attractions you surely may not miss in Disney World Orlando with kids

Our kids really are big Disney fans and so are we! Some parents may get nervous just thinking of a day in a Disney park but I get happy. So when we went to Florida we had to visit Disney World Orlando with kids of course.

We enjoyed three wondrous days of Magical Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. And yes, those were just 3 of the 6 parks Disney World Orlando has to offer, it’s absolutely enormous. I’ve made a top 10 of the most fun rides in Disney World Orlando with kids so you know exactly where to go:

Top 10 Disney World Orlando with kids


1# The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Magic Kingdom

This is number 1 because it’s Floris’ favorite ride, and it’s not even that spectacular, which it doesn’t need to be for young kids of course. Climb aboard the magic carpet and fly through the air!

2# Meet and greets, Magic Kingdom

When you’re in Disney World you need to meet your Disney friends of course. As it turns out this is really well organized! In the Disney World app you can see exactly which character is where and how long the wait is. You can take your own photos or have your photo taken by a photographer.

3# The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Magic Kingdom

This attraction is pretty basic, but that’s what makes it so much fun. You ride around in the world of Winnie the Pooh in a cart and meet all of his friends. The queue has all types of entertainment while you wait. The kids may have enjoyed the wait even more than the ride.

4# Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Magic Kingdom

To be honest this is actually Kevin’s favorite ride and not really the kids’ but Floris could appreciate it too. In this attraction you help out Buzz Lightyear. How? You shoot laser beams at all kinds of stuff from your cart, very cool!!

5# Tomorrowland Speedway, Magic Kingdom

I can still hear Flo yelling: “Mom, don’t!!” But I wasn’t doing anything… In these “real life” racing cars you get to race across the track by yourself, really cool! Flo was steering and I was seated next to him with my foot on the gas (Floris’ legs were too short). Steering turned out to be a bit difficult for Floris so we were flung everywhere. A pretty bumpy ride but surely worth it.

6# The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Epcot

We only went on two rides in Epcot because there is so much to do in such little time in Disney World Orlando with kids and we had to continue our trip right after. This was one of those two rides. You get into a cart and travel through the underwater world of Nemo and his friends.

7# Frozen Ever After, Epcot

To Lotte’s big regret we had to skip this ride. The queue was very long and we had used all of our fastpasses already. Luckily we made it up to her with a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa (also in Epcot) but if your kids are big Frozen fans be sure to use your fastpass on this ride.

8# Parades, Magic Kingdom

Visiting Disney World in Florida and not go to the parade is like visiting the zoo and not going to see the lions, that’s impossible! Depending on what period you’re there, there are several types of parades in Magic Kingdom throughout the year. But every parade is full of beautifully decorated parade cars with your kids’ favorite Disney characters. You surely cannot miss this.

9# Kilimanjaro Safaris, Animal Kingdom

I didn’t expect much of Animal Kingdom: zoo meets theme park, surely that could never be special. But it was just that! The park is laid out just beautifully, it’s an adventure on its own. In this attraction you drive a big jeep through the savanna and through the jungle. And you run into inhabitants too: hippos, lions, elephants, rhino’s, they’re all there! That will save you a trip to Kenia.

10# Na’vi River Journey, Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom they’ve recently opened the Pandora realm. This realm is a true adventure on its own as it really feels like you’re walking through the world of Avatar. We went on the Na’vi River Journey, such a treat! You take a boat ride in a wondrous world full of strange luminescent plants and weird looking creatures. A certain must do and surely one worth using your fastpass.

Of course there are more rides that are missing on this list when you visit Disney World Orlando with kids. You may need to take out a whole week if you want to do all the rides on your list. Check out these tips if you are a first time visitor to Disney World.

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Kids Love Travel: Disney World Orlando with kidsKids Love Travel: Disney World Orlando with kidsKids Love Travel: Disney World Orlando with kids

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