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Experience an Unforgettable Holiday in South Africa with Kids

Guest bloggers Ivar, Joan, and Lise (3 years old) share their amazing holiday in South Africa. Their journey takes them from the stunning landscapes of Storms River to the wildlife-rich Addo Park.

Exploring Storms River and Tsitsikamma National Park

Our next stop is Storms River, a small town dedicated to tourists visiting Tsitsikamma National Park. The drive from Knysna to Storms River is breathtaking, with the landscape and weather changing continuously. Unfortunately, our little Lise fell ill upon arrival, but thanks to our preparedness with children’s paracetamol, she was able to recover quickly.

Despite the setback, we were able to explore the beautiful Tsitsikamma National Park. We decided to take a guided tour, but due to the end of the season, we had to settle for the suspension bridge trail. The trail led us to a bridge hanging between two cliffs, offering a stunning view of dolphins in the distance.

Wildlife Adventure at Addo Park

We continued our amazing holiday in South Africa by visiting the highlight of our trip: Addo Park. Originally an Elephant park, Addo now hosts lions, buffalo, rhinos, and springbok. We learned from a fellow German family that jeep tours in the park are not available for kids under 6 years of age. However, we were able to book a private guide who drove us around the park. This allowed us to see a variety of wild animals up close, making our visit to Addo Park truly unforgettable.

Tips & Tricks for a Holiday in South Africa with Kids

  • The garden route from Knysna to Tsitsikamma National Park is stunning!
  • Always have children’s paracetamol, ORS, and a thermometer when travelling abroad.
  • When visiting Addo with kids under 6 years of age, book a private guide.
  • The cottages in Addo Park offer a wonderful view and the lodge has a pool.

These experiences made our holiday in South Africa even more special. From the breathtaking views of Storms River to the wildlife encounters at Addo Park, South Africa offers a unique and unforgettable holiday experience for families.

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Storms River

Watch out! Addo

Our cottage in Addo

Elephant family Addo

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