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Early Start to Our Florida Camper Trip

“Mum, I’m awake, can I get out of bed?” Uhmmmm “Try to sleep a little longer Floris, its 3:30 at night. But he can’t sleep anymore and so the first day of our camper trip through Florida starts nice and early.

Time for Some Shopping

Breakfast isn’t served until 6:30 so we decide to go to Walmart to do some shopping for our trip first. And yes, the Walmart is open 24/7, love it! Moments later we load the rental with all of our shopping and we’re back for breakfast at 7 o’clock.

Picking Up Our Super Camper

At 11 o’clock the Uber arrives to take us to our Cruise America camper. We hand in the key of our rental car at the hotel (very handy) and we get into the taxi. After 15 minutes we arrive at Cruise America. I rang them earlier to ask if we could pick up our camper sooner and we were allowed to pick it up at 11:30, great!

Cruise America’s service is terrific and we are helped out by a very kind guy. Within 15 minutes we are seated and ready to go in our beautiful new 25ft long camper! Yes, our camper trip through Florida is about to begin for real!

First Camping at KOA Titusville

After driving for an hour, with Kev feeling like a king in his big truck, we arrive at our first camping, the KOA Titusville near Kennedy Space Center. It’s Memorial Day this weekend and the camping is packed so we’re glad we booked in advance. It’s nice and warm, 35 degrees, so we decide to take a dip in the pool.

After our swim we throw a juicy steak on the barbecue of course and when we finish dinner it’s bedtime already.

Sleeping in the Camper

Kev and I sleep in the double bed at the back of the camper and Lotte and Floris sleep in the front. Floris has a large bed above the cabin and Lotte sleeps in a Deryan tent on the floor. I’m expecting a bad night but I’m happy to be proven otherwise. Everyone sleeps well and the kids wake up around 6 o’clock. That’s a lot better than 03:30hrs!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

Today we’re visiting Kennedy Space Center. For some reason I’m wildly fascinated by everything that has to do with space and so is Kev so we’re really excited. I’m just wondering if the kids will have a good time. Let’s find out!

As we approach KSC we can already spot some rockets, cool! We arrive early and walk straight through to the bus tour at “Saturn V”. The bus takes you from the grounds and brings you to the launching platform which is very impressive. We see a rocket in the distance that’s being made ready to launch later this week. The tour takes 3.5 hours including one stop and afterwards the kids really need to blow off some steam. Luckily they can in the “Little Astronaut” playground. Its 40 degrees, so I’m glad the playground is indoors. After the playground we walk on towards “Rocket Garden” to take a close look at some rockets. They’re enormous! There are some capsules on the ground in which the kids are allowed too. This is such a small space, I would get claustrophobic for sure.

Exploring Atlantis Space Shuttle

In the afternoon we head on over to the “Atlantis building”. Here we get to know everything about the Atlantis space shuttle. We watch a short film and get to see the launch from the control room. Afterwards we were shown the actual space shuttle and Flo got to “feel” how it felt for the Atlantis to land back on earth by going down a huge slide.

The day is almost done. Flo and Lotte get to pick out a souvenir and have some soft ice cream which is waaaay to big and afterwards we get into the camper. KSC is fun for all ages! Kev and I really enjoyed it and so did Flo and Lotte.

A visit to Kennedy Space Center was a great start to our camper trip through Florida!

Exploring Palm Beach

The next day it’s time to go to the beach! We start the engine of our truck and drive off towards Palm Beach. After about 2.5 hours we arrive in this beautiful and luxurious little place. First we drive around on Ocean Boulevard and stare in awe at the magnificent and absolutely huge mansions. Even Trump has a lavish estate on number 1100.

It’s scorching hot again so after this bit of sightseeing we’re off towards the beach but alas… its Memorial Day and the parking lot is full. We’ll have to go back to the camping unfortunately and take a dip in the pool.

We’re just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather now. Tomorrow we’ll continue our camper trip through Florida and on to Miami!

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