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Embarking on Our Family Holiday to Florida

As soon as the alarm rings at 05:15hrs, I leap out of bed, thrilled for our much-anticipated holiday to Florida. After ensuring we’re all packed and ready, we shower, get dressed, and wake up the kids at 06:00hrs. Their initial grogginess quickly turns into excitement when they hear we’re heading to Florida, the home of Mickey Mouse!

Starting Our Florida Holiday with a Taxi Ride

At 06:45hrs, our taxi arrives to transport us and our luggage, which includes two suitcases, a seal bag, a buggy, a carrier, a backpack, a shoulder bag, and two small backpacks. The seal bag conveniently holds Lotte’s bed and two car seats for the kids.

Experiencing Schiphol Airport

Upon our arrival at Schiphol Airport, we encounter an unexpected situation involving an unattended suitcase and the military police. Despite this unusual start to our holiday to Florida, we manage to check in and pass through security and customs fairly quickly.

Enjoying Some Pre-Flight Shopping and Relaxation

Before our flight, we indulge in some tax-free shopping. I treat myself to some makeup and perfume, while Kev purchases a new pair of sunglasses. The kids enjoy playing at the airport’s airplane-shaped climbing frame, a perfect spot for them to expend some energy before the long flight.

Boarding and Flying to Orlando

Our departure time for Orlando is delayed, but we eventually board and embark on our 10-hour flight. The kids are well-behaved, and we all enjoy the food provided by TuiFly. Upon landing, we navigate through American customs and claim our luggage.

Arriving in Florida and Renting a Car

We’ve booked a hotel a short drive from the camper pick-up location for the next day. To get there, we rent a car through Auto Europe and pick a lovely grey Jeep from Alamo’s selection. The kids fall asleep as we drive, and we encounter numerous toll booths along the way, a common feature of Florida’s roads.

Settling into Our Hotel

After an hour’s drive, we arrive at our Holiday Inn hotel, conveniently located next to a McDonald’s. We treat the kids to a meal after their excellent behavior during the journey. After some time at the hotel’s playground, we retire to our rooms, exhausted but excited for the adventures ahead.

Our holiday to Florida has officially begun! We look forward to a good night’s sleep and picking up our camper the next day.

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Our rental car was sponsored by Auto Europe.


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