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Returning Home from an Unforgettable New Zealand Family RV Roadtrip

Regrettably, our incredible New Zealand with kids, RV roadtrip has come to an end. After breakfast, we take a taxi to the airport. Thanks to our early arrival, we bypass the queues and check-in immediately. One of the perks of travelling with kids in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand is the priority lanes for check-in, boarding, and customs.

Post check-in, we explore the airport, grab a coffee, and have lunch. Finally, we are ready for take-off to Brisbane, where we have a 2-hour stop-over, before continuing our flight to Taipei. I always look forward to these stop-overs as they provide a chance to stretch our legs, use a regular toilet, and grab a quick bite.

Exploring Taipei During Our Stopover

From Brisbane, we continue our flight to Taipei. Upon arrival, we check into our hotel for the day. After a brief rest, we enjoy a refreshing swim. We don’t linger too long as we have a city tour planned in the afternoon. This tour is a welcome break from the four flight stretches. When we return to the hotel, it’s time for a shower, dinner, and then a taxi ride back to the airport. I must admit, I am excited to return home and see my (hopefully still pregnant) sister!

Home Sweet Home

We arrive in Amsterdam in the morning after a relaxed flight. We all manage to get a good night’s sleep on board. What a surprise! As we exit the baggage claim, all the grandparents, my very pregnant sister, and her boyfriend are waiting for us.

Seeing my sister with her huge belly is a joy! She tells me she’s been experiencing backache since morning. Could she be going into labor? We’re having a “welcome back drink” at the airport when my sister leaves due to increasing backache. A few hours later, we learn she’s in the hospital for delivery. Around 22:00 PM, we meet our little nephew, Mees Joppe, for the first time. When we finally get to bed that evening, we sleep around the clock.

We’ve had an amazing trip through New Zealand with kids. We enjoyed each other’s company, loved the beautiful nature, and the fantastic adventure we experienced together. We plan to make a journey like this, with the kids, every five years. I’m already thinking about our next destination :).

Tips & Tricks for Travelling in New Zealand with Kids

  • If you feel like travelling with your kids: go for it!
  • Request special kids meals when you book your flight
  • If one of the kids is a really bad eater; take some food they like and know with you on the plane
  • Adjust to the timezones you are in, even in the plane.
  • Make sure you have entertainment with you, iPad with movies/ games, you will be very happy when your jetlagged kid can watch a movie and you can sleep a little longer
  • Don’t drive too long, we did 4 hours max per day, which was already quite long for the kids
  • Ensure the kids have time to play around as well
  • Top 10 campgrounds might not always be in the best spots, but they do have wonderful facilities for kids; playgrounds, family bathrooms, and big kitchens.
  • The Top 10 member card gives you discount on the ferry (Northern Island to Southern Island) as well
  • Ensure you book the ferry in time
  • December is peak season, book campgrounds way ahead
  • New Zealand has a famous “coffee culture”, you can get a wonderful coffee almost anywhere
  • Life in New Zealand (fuel, grocery shopping) isn’t cheap
  • You can get everything you need for small kids in the supermarket

This guest blog is written by Lonneke, who lives in the Netherlands with her husband Marcel and two sons Thije and Hidde. Lonneke shares about the amazing trip she made with her family to New Zealand when the boys were 2.5 and 4 years old.


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