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Countdown to Our Family Trip to New Zealand

After a long wait, our family trip to New Zealand with kids is almost here! With only two weeks left, I’m starting to feel the holiday stress. There’s still so much to do at work and so many things to pack. I often wonder if it’s possible to truly “work ahead” at work. It seems like a futile effort that only adds to the stress. It’s time to make a to-do list for both work and home. Before we leave, I need to secure an international driver’s license, verify our passports and other official documents, print all our travel documents, and of course, start packing. The kids have been eagerly counting down the days for weeks, and now I’m joining in. New Zealand, we’re almost there!

One Week Left Before Our New Zealand Adventure

With only 7 days left before our journey to New Zealand with kids, the excitement is palpable. We’ve been planning this trip for over a year, and it’s hard to believe it’s finally happening. The kids are already squabbling over who gets to sit where on the plane. Given the long flight and multiple layovers, there will be plenty of opportunities to switch seats.

Ready to Embark on Our New Zealand Journey

Today marked my last day at the office. I managed to clear my mailbox, respond to all pending emails, and set up my out-of-office reply. Work to-do list: completed! Our luggage is all packed and ready to go. Tomorrow, I have a day off to tie up any loose ends. The kids will be spending the day with my parents, giving me some much-needed space to finish up the “last things” and start our holiday on a relaxed note. Our flight departs on Friday at 2:00 PM and we arrive on Sunday at 6:00 AM. I’ve also arranged for our transportation from the Auckland airport to the hotel. My next blog post will be from New Zealand! I can’t wait to embark on this amazing journey to New Zealand with kids!

Tips & Tricks for Traveling to New Zealand with Kids

  • If you have a preferred campground, make sure to book months in advance.
  • If you tend to overpack, create a packing list and stick to it.
  • Try packing your clothes in sets (e.g., one pair of shorts with two matching t-shirts) to ensure you don’t overpack and that your outfits coordinate.

This guest blog is written by Lonneke, a resident of the Netherlands. She lives with her husband Marcel and their two sons, Thije and Hidde. Lonneke shares her experiences from the incredible trip she took with her family to New Zealand when the boys were 2.5 and 4 years old.


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