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Family holiday South Africa: Knysna

We follow guest blogger’s Ivar, Joan and their 3 year old, Lise, on their amazing family holiday in South Africa.

After enjoying Cape Town for 5 days, we drive to Knysna, via Swellendam. We make a stop at Swellendam to check out nature park De Hoop. The park and surroundings are beautiful and our house (rented through AirBnB) is perfect! Nevertheless, Swellendam isn’t the best location when travelling with kids. Mainly because there is not much to do for them. Knysna on the other hand is quite kid friendly! We have rented a little house on Thesen Island, it’s perfect! After check-in we check out the city centre. Luckily we find a playground with a terrace. Lise enjoys herself, while we can relax in the sun.

The next day we visit Knysna Elephant Park. This park takes care of outcast elephants. You can come very close to these wonderful animals and are even allowed to feed them. Lisa finds it quite exciting, but afterwards she is very proud! The owner of our rented AirBnB house reccomends a visit to a farmhouse and wolve sanctuary. We decide to skip the wolves and pay the farmhouse a visit. We buy Lise a little bag of food for the rabbits, she loves it! We end the day in East Café, close to Leisure Island. A good spot to visit: tasteful food, stunning view and room to play for the kids.

Our third day in Knysna starts cloudy. Lise really wants to go for a picnic, so we head for Brenton and enjoy a wonderful picnic at the waterfront. Afterwards we visit Buffelsbaai. In the summer this is one of the busiest beaches, now its nice and serene. The clouds make way for the sun while we enjoy the beach. Lise collects shells and makes the most beautiful sand castles. On our last morning in Knysna the owner of our rental house takes us for a boat tour on the lagune. Its stunning! The house owner brought her 4 year old son as well. Although the kids don’t speak each other’s language, they play during the whole boat tour. We sail to a nearby beach, which is only accessible by boat. The kids play in the sea, while we enjoy the sun. Life is good!

This tour is an amazing end to our time in Knysna. Honestly we aren’t looking forward to leaving. We love it over here! But I am sure our adventures Family holiday in South Africa will bring us much more amazing moments!


Tips & Tricks Family holiday South Africa with kids

Make sure you always carry a set of extra clothes with you, for surprise visits to the beach/ sea.

Take some toys with you in the car, for the kids to entertain themselves.

When visiting Knysna choose to stay on Thesen Island: kid friendly, beautiful and everything on walking distance.

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Kids Love Travel: family holiday South Africa

Hanging Bridges Knysna

Kids Love Travel: family holiday South Africa

Knysna boat tour

Kids Love Travel: family holiday South Africa

Spotting elephants

Kids Love Travel: family holiday South Africa

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