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Camper trip through Florida: welcome to Miami!

Miami, I love this city! It’s the fifth day of our camper trip through Florida when we arrive here.

Welcome to Miami!

After a 3 hour drive we arrive at our camping. Or at least that was the plan. It’s nice and hot, scorching hot to be exact, and both the beach and pool are closed. I pay for three nights, walk outside and start to wonder if this a good idea. I decide it’s not! In this heat the kids really need to cool off. Kev walks back in, cancels our stay and gets our money back fortunately.

We drive another 10 minutes and arrive at the next camping. It turns out that campings are rather scarce in Miami but it looks like we’re in luck! We check into the Miami Everglades RV Resort and this camping is super child friendly. There’s a nice pool, a playground, multiple playing fields and even a miniature golf course. And it’s only a 45 minute drive away from Miami, which is really close for American standards.

Sun, sea and waves at South Beach

On our first day in Miami we’re off to South Beach. It can be rather tricky to park the camper in a city so we had rented a car initially. Unfortunately Avis was having a malfunction so we couldn’t pick up the car yet. Lucky for us parking wasn’t so bad. For $30 we can park the car 2 blocks from South Beach. When we get out we walk into a wall of heat so we quickly head off down to the beach.

I’ve been to Miami 18 years ago and it’s just as I remembered; the art deco buildings, expensive cars, pretty people and the lovely beach. South Beach has white sand, a beautiful blue sea and the well-known lifeguard stations on the beach.

   camper rondreis door Florida

We hit the sand and soak up the sun. Kev and Flo go for a swim but I’m not a big fan of seaweed so I decide to just enjoy the view.

After our cool down we go for a lunch and a walk on the “art deco route”. It feels like I’m walking on a film set. With 35 degrees it’s a tough walk for the kids but they can take turns in the buggy and some cool ice cream does wonders.

camper rondreis door Florida

Graffiti art @ Wynwood 

The next day we cruise on to downtown Miami. This time we start at Wynwood and as we drive into the district I can’t help but wonder if we took a wrong turn somewhere as I feel the slight urge to lock the camper doors. Luckily it’s only a small part of the district that gives us this bad vibe and soon we arrive in a nicer part.

In Wynwood it’s all about street art. In 2009 Tony Goldman started painting walls in this district and by doing this he started one of the largest street art projects ever.

The most beautiful paintings are seen on the walls of abandoned warehouses. From psychedelic spectacles to cartoons and images of people and animals. Each as large and impressive as the next. Floris is having a ball and wants his picture taken with every “drawing” (as he calls them).

Kev and I love the place too! A definite must do if you’re visiting Miami. They also have a small restaurant with lovely tapas-like dishes. I think this is the best tip so far of our camper trip through Florida.

camper rondreis door Florida

Chilling at Key Biscayne

Miami has got some really nice beaches in the city itself (South Beach) but also outside of the city! After our artistic adventures in Wynwood we drive to Key Biscayne. This island is located just off the coast of Miami but is accessible by car. Key Biscayne has almost no surf and has long shallow waters before it goes deep as opposed to South Beach that is known for rather big waves and quickly deep waters. So Key Biscayne is perfect for kids!

Lotte and Floris love it straight away! When we park the car at Crandon Park Beach they run towards the playground. On the way to the beach you cross a park full of playgrounds and small cafeterias and you can even rent a bike.

The beach does not disappoint: lovely warm white sands and a calm sea for Flo and Lotte to poodle in. And the view of Miami from here is fantastic! We end our afternoon of beach-relaxing at the playground. At 16:30hrs we’re back on the road on our way to the camping, hopefully in time to beat traffic. But no such luck and soon we’re stuck as a ring on a fat finger. But hey who cares, we’re on holiday right? :D.

Tomorrow we continue our camper trip through Florida to the Florida Keys.

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