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Experience the Magic of New Zealand: An RV Roadtrip with Kids

Our RV roadtrip in New Zealand with kids continues. We embarked on the Southern Island journey on Wednesday morning, and the boat trip was nothing short of stunning. Leaving Wellington behind, we were already captivated by the views, but seeing the Southern Island was even more beautiful, indescribably so. The clear blue sea, the lush green hills, and the rocky mountains made for a breathtaking view. Our boys, however, were more interested in the playground and their friend Joost on the ferry.

Arrival in Picton and the Queen Charlotte Route

We arrived in Picton at 02:00 PM, taking the Queen Charlotte route to our destination. The beautiful views continued to amaze us. When we finally found a campground, we were thrilled to see we had a beautiful spot at the beach. We parked the RV at a quiet beach with a blue sea, surrounded by grass, white sand, and even a playground next to us! We spent the afternoon on the campground, giving me time to read my book, The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg.

Exploring Cloudy Bay and Marborough Sounds

The next morning, we left for Cloudy Bay, the wine area of Marborough Sounds. We started our tour by visiting a beautiful winery: Highfields by Blenheim. Before we left, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with spectacular views and, of course, a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. We checked in at a campground in Blenheim, planning to drive to Kaikuro the next day for a whale tour. The weather was warm and sunny, adding to our excitement.

From Blenheim to Kaikoura: A Journey Along the Coast

Our drive from Blenheim to Kaikoura took about 2 hours. The journey along the coast offered, yet again, beautiful views. The mountains looked as if they were made of velvet, covered with grass, and the color of the ocean was a deep blue. We took a break to have a cup of coffee and soak up the stunning views. Near Kaikoura, we spotted seals basking in the sun close to the road. We stopped to observe these fascinating creatures and even saw a baby seal. After this wildlife break, we drove straight to our Top 10 campground for the night. The kids enjoyed a go-kart ride, and we savored a nice glass of wine. The next day, we planned to go on a whale tour, and on Sunday morning, we would drive off to Christchurch. After a week in New Zealand, we were absolutely enjoying our time with the kids.

Tips & Tricks for New Zealand with Kids

  • The ferry to the Southern island offers beautiful views
  • Spot seals near Kaikoura
  • The Top 10 camping in Kaikoura is very kid-friendly

We’ve been in New Zealand for over a week now, and we’re absolutely loving every moment of our RV roadtrip with kids.


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