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Exploring New Zealand with Kids: A Family Adventure

Our trip to New Zealand with kids continues… We have arrived in Rotorua, staying on a stunning campground at Blue Lake. Our drive to Rotorua was very rainy, nothing new though. In Rotorua a gondola takes us up on the mountain. When we arrive we watch a spectacular movie of the Southern Island. Our trip down hill, with a “luge” was really cool, a combination of a kart and a sled. The kids absolutely loved it.

Accommodation in Rotorua

Our campground, again a Top 10, is perfect! They have a huge shared kitchen, with enough tables and chairs to enjoy your dinner as a family. Check out a lot of fun things to do in Rotorua.

Exploring Wai o Tapu and Lake Taupo

Today we visited Wai o Tapu, a beautiful volcanic area with bright green lakes and boiling puddles. Absolutely stunning to see. Tomorrow we will be visiting Lake Taupo. The weather forecast shows us two more days of rain, followed by lots of sun the days after. This morning we enjoyed a little sun as well. New Zealand is beautiful and even more so with some sun.

Visiting Napier and Wellington

So tomorrow we will be visiting Lake Taupo, the day after tomorrow we will drive to Napier for two nights, Wellington after that to take the ferry to the Southern island.

Exploring Napier and its Wineries

Rain keeps pouring from the sky so bad, we decide to skip Lake Taupo and drive to Napier straight away. Napier is close to Hamkes Bay, which is known for its coastline and for … wine! Again we stay on a Top 10 campground.

Jan van Genten Tour

The Jan van Genten tour starts from Cape Kidnappers, we “board” a tractor with two “cars” behind it. We drive on the beach. The guide knows an awful lot about the cleavages and the porous composition of the mountains. The view of the mountains and the coastline is magnificent.

Wellington: A Friendly and Welcoming City

Our campground in Wellington is located next to an industrial area. As the name of the campground is “Seaview” it’s not really what we expected. Our spot for the first night was quite bad. The day after we moved to a spot next to the playground. As our campground is out of town we took the bus to visit the city. Wellington is a friendly and welcoming city.

Visiting the Té Papa Museum

We got the tip to visit the playground at the beach, wow!! It is beautiful, a blue sea surrounded by mountains. After the play break we visit the free Té Papa Museum. An absolute must do with the kids! They can experience a kinds of cool stuff; feel the aftershocks of an earthquake and see a giant 3D octopus.

Tips & Tricks for New Zealand with Kids

  • Check out all these fun things to do in Rotorua with older kids
  • Top 10 campings are kid friendly
  • The Jan van Galen tour at Cape Kidnappers is a must do
  • Visit the Té Papa Museum in Wellington

This guest blog is written by Lonneke, she is living in the Netherlands with her husband Marcel and two sons Thije and Hidde. Lonneke tells us about the amazing trip she made with her family to New Zealand when the boys were 2,5 and 4 years old.


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