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Bucket List 2018: Top 10 Special Holiday Destinations with Kids

What’s on your bucket list for 2018? I’ve compiled a top 10 list of the most special holiday destinations with kids for 2018. Perhaps this is the year for a less “mainstream” holiday destination when you go travelling with your kids. Use this list for some inspiration. And no, I haven’t visited all of these destinations myself yet with the kids but you need to have dreams right?! Have you been to one of these destinations with your kids? I’m very curious to hear about your stories!

Top 10 Special Holiday Destinations with Kids in 2018

  1. Spitsbergen
  2. Let’s start with snow! We’ll be visiting Spitsbergen. Spitsbergen is an island group in the Northern Ice Sea just north of Norway. Spitsbergen is a wonderful destination for family adventures in the snow. What do you think of a ride on the snow scooter or spotting polar bears and walruses?

  3. Lapland
  4. Seeing as we’re talking about snow anyway let’s pay Lapland a visit too. A perfect holiday destination with the kids during the spring holiday. Visit the Santa village or go on a deer ride through the snowy landscape.

  5. Tanzania
  6. I’ve been to Tanzania during the migration and it was one of the most beautiful traveling experiences I ever had. From a hot air balloon I could see thousands of animals running to find a new place with water and fresh food. And it’s a beautiful place to visit outside migration season too. Go explore the savanna from a jeep with your kids and spot all the wildlife. Or you can sleep in a tent while hearing the lions roar at night! Check out the behind the scenes on a Tanzania Safari!

  7. Nepal
  8. I had to adjust a bit when I was in Nepal… The first days I wanted nothing but to return home: The fact that is was so busy, the smell and the way people treated animals, I just found so appalling. But I sort of got used to it after a few days and when we visited Kathmandu I was sold! Especially for older kids Nepal is a very fun destination. What do you think of rafting on a wild river, flying over the Himalaya or spotting rhino’s in Chit wan National Park?

  9. Japan
  10. A special destination with kids that’s certainly gotten more popular these past few years but not with too many families yet. Japan is a developed country, they have good hygiene and there is loads to discover, from beautiful temple structures to overwhelming nature. And the kids will surely appreciate a ride on the super-fast bullet train.

  11. Argentina
  12. Argentina has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. It’s a fantastic country to explore by camper and Patagonia seems wonderful to me. The diversity Argentina has to offer seems intriguing; from ice plains in Patagonia to dry desert-like areas and impressive mountains. And of course you have to take a Tango lesson with the family in the land of the Tango.

  13. New Zealand
  14. New Zealand seems a wonderful country to explore by camper too. New Zealand is known for its overwhelming nature and has lots to offer for kids too! There are dozens of empty beaches to enjoy or why not take a helicopter flight at Milford Sounds where you’ll find yourself surrounded by snow all of a sudden? If your kids are a bit older or if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan yourself you must pay a visit to the film locations too.

  15. Chili
  16. Have you ever been to Chili? Chili is way up there on my bucket list! The nature seems overwhelming to me, from clear lakes to rock massifs and desert. You can go on amazing hikes, ski in the Andes or watch penguins in Punta Arenas.

  17. Hawaii
  18. Are your kids a little older? Then Hawaii is the place to be. Grab a surfboard and head on out across the white sandy beaches to the blue sea and enjoy the amazing surf. And don’t forget to pay a visit to Haleakala National Park where you’ll find the largest volcano in the world.

  19. Namibia
  20. Another country that really deserves a spot on our list of special holiday destinations with kids in 2018, although they do need to be a bit older; Namibia! This destination is not discovered by lots of tourists yet either. Your kids will be mighty impressed by the enormous sand dunes and the wildlife! Who wouldn’t get excited by spotting elephants, rhino’s, giraffes and zebras up close? Would you like to make it even more special? Why don’t you visit a traditional tribe or board a small plane and feast your eyes on the Brandberg Mountain, Sossusvlei or the Skeleton Coast from the air?

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Where will you be going this year? I’m curious to hear about your travel plans.

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