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Camperreis door West-Canada

Camper trip through West-Canada with a toddler: 7 things you shouldn’t miss!

In October 2016 we became proud parents of our daughter Mayla. Before she came into our lives we had visited many places; India, Singapore, Bali,...

Trip around the world with a toddler, where do we go?!

Trip around the world with a toddler, where do we go?!

A BUCKET LIST - That's soooo 2017 we thought. "We", meaning Yuri and Merel, bith 38 years old. And so, on that Saturday night, August 12th at 23:00...

West-Canada with kids

West-Canada with kids, the 10 biggest highlights!

About a year ago we started counting down to our Canada trip where visiting West-Canada with kids was on the menu for sure! After having taken two...

Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours

5 Family friendly bike tours, from Bangkok to America!

t feels like a typically Dutch thing to do: cycling around from place to place. But did you know you can take bicycle rides in lots of countries?...

Kids Love Travel: RVing with young children

What are the most fun destinations for RVing with young children?

RVing with young children is ideal if you want to see a lot on your travels. You take your “little house” everywhere with you, offering the same...

Kids Love Travel: holiday with the camper

What are the pros and cons of a holiday with the camper and kids?

We’ve done “it” 3 times now. Three times we’ve been on holiday with the camper and kids! America is one of our favorite destinations when it...

Kids Love Travel: travelling with a toddler

Travelling with a toddler? Sure, go for it!

Nothing is more fun than travelling with a toddler. You see the world through their eyes, you're in contact with the locals in a different way and...

Kids Love Travel: long distance travels with kids

Long distance travels with kids, travelling through your kids eyes

Always a fun topic at random birthday parties: long distance travels with kids … Whenever we share our travel plans with friends or family we...

Kids Love Travel: Canada met kinderen

Holiday to Canada with kids: yes or no?

Spotting bears and whales from your rubber boat. Cycling through Vancouver surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes. When you travel...

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