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Sri Lanka

Kids Love Travel: Sri Lanka with kids

The most fun route for a round trip through Sri Lanka with kids!

After booking our tickets to Sri Lanka, we promise ourselves the following; we are most certainly going to enjoy this country in a relaxed way. And...

Trip around the world with a toddler, where do we go?!

Trip around the world with a toddler, where do we go?!

A BUCKET LIST - That's soooo 2017 we thought. "We", meaning Yuri and Merel, bith 38 years old. And so, on that Saturday night, August 12th at 23:00...

Kids Love Travel: Kosten Sri Lanka with kids

Costs of a holiday in Sri Lanka with kids: travelling Sri Lanka with 3 kids, what are the costs?

Spending 4 weeks in Sri Lanka with our 3 girls of 7 (Jade), 5 (Bente) and 2 years old (Jule), would be the ultimate summer holiday. Not much...

Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours

5 Family friendly bike tours, from Bangkok to America!

t feels like a typically Dutch thing to do: cycling around from place to place. But did you know you can take bicycle rides in lots of countries?...

Kids Love Travel: Adventuring with your kids

Adventuring with your kids, action guaranteed!

Adventuring with your kids often means finding the right balance. As a parent, you want a taste of culture or some nature peace and quiet, but for...

Kids Love Travel: transportation with kids

10 x the most fun means of transportation with kids

By bicycle, horse, jeep or tuk-tuk. There are plenty of ways to go in terms of travelling. You could take the car or bus of course but we find the...

Sri Lanka with kids? Our top 5 highlights!

Sri Lanka is like a smaller version of Asia. You can find tea plantations like in Malaysia, ricefields like Indonesia, temples like in Thailand,...