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Kids Love Travel: 4x4 through Namibia

With a 4×4 through Namibia, 17 day itinerary for Namibia with kids!

Not too far to fly, nice temperature, not a big chance to catch malaria, in Africa, lot’s of wildlife and safe to travel. It’s decided, we are...

Kids Love Travel: Namibia with kids

Traveling through Namibia with kids.. Surely that can’t be done? Sure it can!

The two of us, René and Judith, have travelled to Africa with our son Sten (15 months old at the time) to go on a beautiful trip from Windhoek in...

Kids Love Travel: RVing with young children

What are the most fun destinations for RVing with young children?

RVing with young children is ideal if you want to see a lot on your travels. You take your “little house” everywhere with you, offering the same...

Special holiday destinations with kids in 2018

10 Special holiday destinations with kids in 2018, from a camper road trip through Patagonia to spotting Rhino’s in Nepal

What’s on your bucket list for 2018? I’ve made a top 10 of the most special holiday destinations with kids in 2018.  Perhaps 2018 is the year...

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