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Cape Verde

Cape Verde beckons families in search of the ultimate kid-friendly escape. Set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, this diverse archipelago is not just about sun-kissed beaches; it’s a playground for young adventurers. Let your children be enthralled by the gentle waves of Sal, introduce them to the island’s rich African and Portuguese tales, or watch their eyes light up at the sight of Fogo’s volcanic wonders. With activities tailored for little explorers and a culture that embraces the joy of family, Cape Verde stands out as a top family vacation destination for those eager to blend relaxation with discovery.


Holiday to Cape Verde: ready set go!

Beep, beep, beep… 02:30 in the morning the alarm goes off. Yes!! We’re going on holiday to Cape Verde! Holiday or not, rising early is always a big ordeal for me. We hatched...


Cape Verde with kids: Sunny with waving palm trees

After the plane has landed and the suitcases have rolled from the conveyor belt, the moment has finally arrived: our holiday in Cape Verde with kids is about to begin! A good holiday...


Holiday in Cape Verde with kids: ill kids.. again!

Hmmmm despite the peace, the sun and relaxation we are having on our holiday in Cape Verde Lotte does not seem to be getting any better. Her fever is still high. She’s moping,...


Highlights of Sal, Cape Verde: from floating on a salt lake to shark spotting