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Here you can find all our trips with our kids and before they were born. We share our travel plan, routes, experiences, must see’s, photo’s, ages of the kids and so on. We hope you will get inspired for your next adventure!

Kids Love Travel: transportation with kids

Thailand 2015

Thailand 2015 Our first holiday with 2 kids. Nothing beats some sun in the cold winter, our choice for Thailand was a quick one. Before we left we...

USA Roadtrip

USA Roadtrip 2016

We have planned another RV USA roadtrip from Denver to Las Vegas in June 2016. Period: 15 June - 5 July 2015 Route: Denver - Las Vegas Ages...

USA 2013, RV roadtrip

USA 2013, RV roadtrip. In 2013 we had our first holiday with baby! Floris was 7 months when we left and turned 8 months on our last day in Vegas. We...

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