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Kids Love Travel: Kids Love Travel: family friendly bike tours

5 Family friendly bike tours, from Bangkok to America!

t feels like a typically Dutch thing to do: cycling around from place to place. But did you know you can take bicycle rides in lots of countries?...

Kids Love Travel: tropische eilanden met kleine kinderen

Top 10 Tropical Islands for a family holiday

Sun, sea, the beach and waving palm trees, that’s when I’m the happiest! During winter time I sometimes struggle choosing between the snow or...

Kids Love Travel: travelling with a toddler

Travelling with a toddler? Sure, go for it!

Nothing is more fun than travelling with a toddler. You see the world through their eyes, you're in contact with the locals in a different way and...

TOP 5 Destinations for travelling with kids in 2017

I’ve asked you for the best destinations for travelling with kids in 2017… And I was pleasantly surprised! The responses were overwhelming....

Kids Love Travel: TOP 5 Tropical Island for a family vacation

TOP 5 Tropical Islands for a family vacation

It's a fact we can't deny…. Autumn is coming…. Rain, wind and leaves falling from the trees. To make things even worse, after rainy autumn we...

Indonesia with kids

Top 5 highlights Indonesia with kids

I have written down five, "must do" highlights for you, when visiting Indonesia with kids. Indonesia is a beautiful country with lots of different...