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Awesome to know you are interested in reading about our travels! We write about all our trips; share our experiences and give you tips & tricks on travelling with your kids.

Kids Love Travel: holiday in Florida with kids

Holiday in Florida with kids: Florida Keys

Imagine this: Waving palm trees, crystal clear turquoise waters, delicious restaurants, colourful little houses and a lovely, relaxed and laid back...

Kids Love Travel: Camper trip through Florida

Camper trip through Florida: welcome to Miami!

Miami, I love this city! It's the fifth day of our camper trip through Florida when we arrive here. Welcome to Miami! After a 3 hour drive we...

Kids Love Travel: camperreis door Florida

Our Camper trip through Florida

"Mum, I'm awake, can I get out of bed?" Uhmmmm "Try to sleep a little longer Floris, its 3:30 at night. But he can't sleep anymore and so the first...

Kids Love Travel: camperreis in Florida

On holiday to Florida, off we go!

As soon as the alarm goes off at 05:15hrs, I jump out of bed: woohoooooo!! It's time for our holiday to Florida!! I've made sure we're all packed...

Kids Love Travel: Florida road trip

Our Florida road trip with the camper, what are we going to do?

By the time you read this we've been a day in (hopefully) sunny Florida .Preparing ourselves for our 3 week Florida road trip. We've been on a road...

Kids Love Travel: holiday at sea with a toddler

A midweek away in our own country: holiday at sea with a toddler

We follow Jacky and Dieuwertje in this guest blog during a lovely holiday at sea with a toddler: Mats! Holiday at sea with a...

Kids Love Travel: Holiday in Cape Verde

Holiday in Cape Verde with kids: ill kids.. again!

Hmmmm despite the peace, the sun and relaxation we are having on our holiday in Cape Verde Lotte does not seem to be getting any better. Her fever is...

Kids Love Travel: Kaapverdie met kinderen

Cape Verde with kids: Sunny with waving palm trees

After the plane has landed and the suitcases have rolled from the conveyor belt, the moment has finally arrived: our holiday in Cape Verde with kids...

Kids Love Travel: holiday to Cape Verde

Holiday to Cape Verde: ready set go!

Beep, beep, beep… 02:30 in the morning the alarm goes off. Yes!! We’re going on holiday to Cape Verde! Holiday or not, rising early is always a...

Kids Love Travel: long distance travels with kids

Long distance travels with kids, travelling through your kids eyes

Always a fun topic at random birthday parties: long distance travels with kids … Whenever we share our travel plans with friends or family we...

Kids Love Travel

2016, highlights of our holidays with kids

Wow, it’s the 31st of December already… I feel like I’ve skipped a few months this year! I always get a slight feeling of melancholy towards...

Kids Love Travel: Canada with kids

Holiday to Canada with kids: yes or no?

Spotting bears and whales from your rubber boat. Cycling through Vancouver surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes. When you travel...